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The Grand Pacific Drive (III)

We finally found a little paradise, 500 kilometers from Sydney and 700 kilometers from Melbourne: the little town of Narooma, on the Eurobodalla Coast. Conveniently located far enough from the two big cities, Narooma manages to retain some of its local charm and it’s not too swamped by Australian holidaymakers.

Local attractions include the “Australian Rock”, a big boulder with a hole that resembles the country (minus Tasmania), numerous pelicans and outrageously clear water with big waves. Add a couple of very sunny days and we were on cloud number nine.

After the night in the trailer (a very old and mouldy one), we were glad to sleep in a motel and to be able to do some laundry. I mean, washing clothes in the shower gets old after a while. We also did a bit of planning—yes, we are leaving Australia next week. We still have 5 weeks before going back to Canada and we wanted to explore another part of the world. So next Monday, we are flying to… actually, I’m not saying yet, you’ll see! As much as I like Australia, the country has gotten so ridiculously expensive that traveling there is a struggle for shoestring travelers like us.

So, guess where we will be next week! First one to guess wins a 8 x 10 picture from The Shop (to be mailed when we get back). No cheating, one of you already knows where we are going!

Three Big Birds
Rocky Beach
The Australian Rock
Big Waves
Mystery Bay
Mystery Bay
Driving to Narooma

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