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Exploring the Lovely Île de Versaille in Nantes

The weather is still lovely in Nantes and I’m trying to make the most of it—it could be winter again when I come back to Canada.

I took a long walk to the Île de Versailles, a small island on the River Erdre. The place is modeled after a Japanese garden, and dotted with patches of bamboo, rhododendrons and bonsai trees.

It’s a great place to get an “out of the city” feel, even though it’s tiny and can be crowded on nice days. I love seeing trees in bloom—the landscape was still very winter-y ten days ago in Canada!

In Bloom
Crossing The Pond
The Erdre
Reading Under The Shade
In Bloom
Japonese Garden
The Erdre
The Erdre
The Erdre
On The Bridge
Under The Bridge
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