The Kindness Of Strangers

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Some days, life is just surprising. And I love it.

My little gifts...

This is the little package I received this morning, and some of you may know the sender: Shionge, author of So Shiok…! The best part? Shionge and I never met (although we came close to last year when she traveled to North America with her family!) and she sent me these little gifts out of kindness!

A while ago, I blogged about Four Little Things and I mentioned my old Tiger Balm (万金油) that I bought long time ago. Shionge commented and offered to send me some from Singapore, where she lives — Tiger Balm, although widely used everywhere in the world and found throughout Asia, is manufactured in Singapore, so I guess she’s very familiar with it! I thanked her and we exchanged addresses.

And today, I found this little package in my mailbox. When I started to open it and noticed all the little things she packed, I felt like a kid on Christmas day! I found some chocolate and some sweets, two pots of Tiger Balm (one red and one white), a small Singapore magnet, beautiful cup pads, a small bag… all that nicely package with a small note with it. I felt surprised, grateful and it found myself smiling. This was pure kindness. Shionge, you made my day!

This isn’t the first time fellow bloggers surprise me. When I first started blogging, I would find help in forums and some people went to great lengths to give me a hand. I think of Jack Book, for example, who would correct my Blogger template and email it back to me. He even created a hack for me (Blogger only… I used Blogger at the time). How sweet is that?

A few months ago, Renny, author of RennyBA’s Teralla, sent me a small troll, all the way from Norway. I replied by sending some fudge. I loved the attention and it was a nice surprise. Oh, and the troll is doing well, he adapted to Canada just fine although he still speaks Norwegian from time to time!

Some reviewed or awarded my blog (see my “Fame…!” page). Some helped me solve coding problem or create hacks on the Digital Point or the Bloggeries forum. Some of you guys read almost all of my posts and follow up.

All that out of kindness.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


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French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. those are really cool, it’s nice to get things in the mail.

    sir jorges last great read…Flashbacks: The Nam

  2. Great prove of my saying: Blogging Connecting People and by all means: you are a great blog networker too!

    Shionge is a great blog friend of mine too – the world is getting smaller and smaller, we get to know each other more and more and we make friends. Maybe blogsphere is the best peace project ever started!

    Btw; I’m sure the troll is doing great with you and I’m glad he hasn’t forgotten his native tongue 😆

    RennyBAs last great read…Arctic Adventure Rafting The Barnets Sea

  3. You’re so lucky. People usually scorde (sp) me if I post in a forum or mention things that I like. I guess in real life people don’t care about me either. You have great friends.

    bluefishs last great read…Book worm

  4. Shionge has one of the biggest hearts I know. I’m not surprised that she surprised you w/ these goodies! Don’t you just love it when you receive a special package in the mail? I’ve had three gifts from Bloggers and each one of them made my day! As you say, it felt like Christmas Day!

    Scarlets last great read…the prank call

  5. Heh…tiger balm. Brings back some memories, I don’t know what’s up with it now but it used to some greenish/black gel in a green little bottle.

    I forget what exactly it was used in my house for, I loved it’s smell though.

    Ulquiorras last great read…Rolling Star – Yui

  6. Hi Zhu,

    What we post and how we express these really reveals a part of us, sometimes a very large part. No matter how we try to hide it in humor or sarcasm, our humanity, personality and character comes to the surface.

    Some bloggers gravitate to one another, perhaps because of similarities in experience, circumstances, or ideas and orientations.

    You character and personality, attitudes, values and beliefs (well a lot of it)certainly surfaced through this blog by the posts you have published. As everyone who reads and comments on your posts with some regularity would agree, you are a very warm, generous, and wholesome person, possessed with some naivete’ but honest and true to your word. You’re also remarkable in the way you traveled at age 16 until you settled in Canada, and I believe this has given you the heart to have empathy for people you met along the way, the kindness of sharing what you have, and the soul to truly love people and use things, rather than use people and love things.

    You’re wonderful Zhu, and I for one am glad to know you. 🙂 –Durano, done!

    durano lawayans last great read…A Gesture of Goodwill for Gays

  7. Forgot to tell you this but I kind of copied your “World” page layout for my Link Gallery. I use the term “copy” loosely.

    Please don’t kill me 🙁

    Ulquiorras last great read…It’s Nonsense Time!

  8. that’s the nicest thing of being a blogger! 😉

    so far i’ve only received greeting cards and postcards from bloggers. well, i don’t wish for fancy souvenirs. a postcard that depicts the land and culture of the place will make my day! 😀

    kyhs last great read…Abodes where angels dwell

  9. My pleasure, my pleasure, my pleasure Zhu 😀 It is true what Renny menioned that blog connects people and a very unique way of embracing friendship and getting to know each other better.

    I just love to surprise people, I only wish I have more time to do it and you know the frenzy when it is Christmas yet again.

    I am glad that you have enjoyed the gifts and do let me know when you run out of Tiger Balm ya, there’s plenty roaring here kekekekek…

    Have fun and I hope you’ll find the crackers a delight which is one of my favourite.

    Have a wonderful weekend Zhu 😀

  10. That will have certainly been a nice little surprise for you Zhu. You definitely strike up a good friendship with fellow bloggers do you not. It certainly must be nice for you to know that you have that sort of friendship with people. I suppose you can only really get those sorts of friendships if you have the confidence, but then again you do seem to have bags of confidence 🙂 .

    Aidans last great read…A New Journey

  11. I originally started blogging as an outlet of the things I had been brewing in my head. Then it became a convenient method of updating my friends and family about the things about me. But the thing I find most fascinating about blogging is the fact that there are people I haven’t even met and yet they are curious about my life and the things I write about. Some of these blog friends come and go, some stay longer than others.

    By the way, many thanks for the reply regarding my query. It’s not a plan for the near future, but hopefully we are all looking forward to visiting what lies beyond the border.

    Linguist-in-Waitings last great read…Windows Thinks I Am Stupid

  12. @sir jorge – I know, I miss it sometimes… we all use email instead.

    @Jemima – And this one was much appreciated!

    @RennyBA – I wouldn’t have thought we were such a strong network when I first started blogging, but I’m glad it turned this way.

    @Travis – This one was certainly a great surprise and made my day!

    @bluefish – People care. They do. They just don’t know how to show it most of time.

    @Scarlet – So Shionge is well known among you guys! Funny! This was certainly a great surprise, she is so sweet!

    @Feng – And trust me, I wasn’t expecting that one!

    @Ulquiorra – The greenish thing is Tiger Balm but very concentrated I think. I don’t like this one… I like the balm best. It’s mostly for sore muscles or insect bites.

    @durano lawayan – Thank you for the kind word. I believe our personality show in blogging as well, you can tell people who are interested in the world and selfish ones.

    @Ulquiorra – I only kill mosquitoes, you’re fine 😉

    @kyh – It’s one good side of blogging, isn’t it!

    @Graham – … and I just love surprises! Oh, by the way, I will post my entry for the photohunt next week 😉

    @shionge – Thank you again, sweet girl! I can’t tell you how surprised I was, I open the package with Feng and we were both oooh and aah! Two little kids, I’m telling ya 😉

    @Aidan – Nah, not that much confidence… but Shionge is a sweet girl and I’m glad I got to know her!

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – Funny, isn’t it?! Almost none of my readers know me in real life, my friends don’t read English that well. Only a couple do, one good friend in Paris and another one in Ottawa, that’s it.

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