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The most amazing architecture in Canada

Canada is home to some of the world’s most eye-catching sights, both natural and manmade, making this vast landscape a popular destination for tourists. For example, the awe-inspiring Niagara Falls attracts an estimated 30 million tourists a year alone – and this is before we delve into the wonders to be explored in some of the nation’s biggest and most vibrant cities.

“Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort” (CC BY 2.0) by Bogdan Migulski

In these major cities, world-class architecture has played a key role in forming some of the most recognisable skylines on the planet, most notably in Toronto where the CN Tower – the world’s ninth tallest building – dominates. The tower, which includes a revolving restaurant 350 metres up offering a panoramic view of the city, was designed to illustrate Canada’s strength and industrial prowess.

Indeed, amazing architecture and high culture leisure activities go hand-in-hand in Canada, with several luxury hotel complexes offering five star services including spas, sport, and one of the nation’s favourite pastimes – gambling.

Casinos – many of which are based in some of Canada’s most luxurious hotels – continue to be a big part of the overall culture, and whilst there isn’t necessarily a Las Vegas style destination for seasoned gamblers to make a pilgrimage to, weekend getaways often incorporate plenty of casino fun.

Land-based casinos, such as the popular Casino du Lac Leamy based in the province of Quebec, consist of hundreds of slot machines, as well as ample blackjack and roulette tables, poker rooms and award-winning restaurants. After a $50 million renovation project, the Lac Leamy is now one of the world’s most modern land-based casinos and is a real honeypot for tourists.

Following such an extensive renovation program, the site is not only home to a stunning casino, it is also an example of some of the most unique modern architectural design you’ll find anywhere in Canada. The site, which is just 22 years old, sits on a former cement quarry and contains a manmade lake and fountain, the jet from which can be seen for great distances.


Meanwhile, the Hotel et Pavillons du petit manoir du casino, also situated in Quebec, offers a remote getaway and offers a casino experience which can be combined with a luxury holiday. With an estimated 10 million visitors a year, this complex is vital to Quebec’s tourism and underlines just how popular land-based casinos still are to this day, despite the ever expanding online market.

While the online casino market continues to go from strength to strength, there is nothing quite like the thrill that can be experienced when visiting a land-based casino – and this is something that the online gambling companies are constantly striving to compensate for, with innovative games and even virtual reality in more modern times.

Given that many of the more reputable online casino sites have become well recognised brands in their own right, they have now established a level of trust with their customers, and reward the most frequent players with generous bonuses and other prizes.

Despite being clearly influenced by land-based casinos, the online market has the upper hand in many respects. For example, with the aid of gaming development companies – another large contributor to Canada’s economy – online casinos are able to provide players with new games on a regular basis, capturing the imagination with slots based on the latest Hollywood blockbuster or TV series.

Depending on what truly attracts you to a casino, these new and innovative features can provide an added dimension of entertainment far greater than what can be served up in a land-based casino, which, once you get past all the lights and sounds, provides you with the same games as all the others, just in varying quantities.

What’s more, now that virtual reality is entering the mainstream and more and more people have access to it, this is revolutionising how online casino games are played, as the boundaries between reality and fantasy continue to become evermore blurred.

Indeed, it’s quite apparent that online casino game producers are continuing to bridge the gap, and have been incredibly successful at bringing the casino experience into the homes of hundreds of thousands of Canadian gambling enthusiasts – but at what point does this preceed the more authentic and traditional experience of visiting a casino?

Well, it’s main advantage is quite simply cost. No travel expenses, no nights in hotels, no bar and restaurant tabs – just you and your mobile or desktop device. That said, for many, going to the casino and sitting at the table is all part of the fun, and the online developers are still some way away from being able to fully replicate that experience in the eyes of many.

Of course, the online experience (see above) is designed to be as close to the real thing as possible, which really keeps the land-based casinos on their toes. Their attempt to create that truly authentic feel can also seen in the creation of online profiles, designed to make players feel like they’re sat at a real casino table with other real players. Has undoubtedly been a significant breakthrough in recent years and has helped to make online casino games a more attractive concept, as players can now interact with one another, congratulate each other on wins, and so on.

That said, the online versions remain dependent on their land-based rivals to a large extent, as they are the original point of reference for players. The online vs land-based conundrum really is a matter of preference, but the fact that the two are competing so fiercely for our custom can only be a positive for gamblers across Canada.

Key points:

  • Canada has a reputation for its scenery and architecture, making it one the northern hemisphere’s biggest tourist hotspots.
  • The CN Tower in Toronto is a particularly iconic piece of architecture and epitomises the industrial strength of the nation.
  • Gambling is a popular pastime with Canadians. As such, both the land-based and online casino market is big business and is a key contributor to the nation’s economy.
  • Some popular land-based casinos have undergone significant renovations in order to continue to be popular with tourists.
  • Online casino sites are responding by offering unique games. They are also working to make their experience feel more authentic with modern technology.
  • The competition between the two is driving standards up, which is beneficial for Canadian gamblers.