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The New Super Normal – The Canadian eSports Revolution!

For those of you who are unaware, eSports, or electronic sports, is a form of sport competition played via video games. While the idea of video games being considered a popular sport may have seemed like an outlandish concept only a decade ago, it is now impossible to ignore. The eSports industry is organised, it is competitive, it is played professionally, and most importantly, it is booming!

How Many People Play eSports?

Forbes magazine confirmed the rapid growth within the industry when they reported Green Man Gaming’s findings in 2019 that eSports revenues had exceeded $1 billion and were attracting audiences of more than 443 million. To put this in context, this is a larger audience than both rugby and American Football combined. And while this number represents both frequent viewers and occasional viewers, the number of the former is constantly on the rise too. Statista even predict that there will be an increase from 173 million in 2018 to almost 300 million frequent viewers of eSports worldwide by 2023.

What is the eSports Infrastructure in Canada like?

While Canada could have been described as being slightly hesitant when embracing eSports compared to Europe and Asia, this is beginning to change, and fast. It’s popularity is best illustrated by Canada’s first eSports Gaming stadium. The Gaming Stadium (TGS) is the first stadium of its kind in Canada and opened its doors on June 28, 2019. Located in Richmond, British Columbia, the stadium is a custom built environment to play and watch eSports, and at 242,000 square feet, it has everything gaming fans could desire. The purpose built stadium has an overall capacity of 54,500 and is the proof that if it is popular enough, you build it …and if you built it, they will come.

Casino, eSports, live games: Karamba is Now Available in Canada

The thriving gaming community in Canada is as strong at home as it is in the stadium, and as a result the gambling industry has taken note. The Canadian eSports revolution is well and truly under way and if you visit karamba.com, you are now able to place a bet on the outcome of your favourite eSport or casino game with ease.

What Makes eSports So Popular?

For many, the idea of spending your time playing or watching other people play video games does not scream social. However, there is a misconception that playing eSports is an isolating activity and this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Whenever you put a large number of people in the same location, whether that is online or at an eSports venue, something magical happens. Friends are made, relationships begin, and ultimately, a community is formed. In essence, the world of eSports is so attractive because it allows people to meet like-minded individuals and fulfill the human need to be social. So no matter what game you have fallen in love with, it is now possible to play as well as discuss it at length with your fellow gamers. Welcome to the Canadian eSports revolution!