The Summer Palace (颐和园)

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The Summer Palace, in downtown Beijing, is an enclave of peace away from the craziness of the city. Dominated by the Longevity Hill and set around the Kunming lake, an artificial lake entirely man made, the place has a variety of palaces and gardens.

The Summer Palace was almost destroyed twice: once during the Anglo-French invasion in 1860, and once during the Boxer Rebellion in 1900. It was rebuild shortly after and served as a summer resort for the late Qing dynasty’s witchy Empress, Cixi.

Today, the Summer Palace is of course a tourist destination, but is also a Beijinger’s favorite, where older people enjoy practicing Tai Chi while exercise their calligraphy skills using a wet brush to draw characters on the pavement, where toddlers take their first steps and kids fly their kites and where young couple take their “little emperors” (the Chinese generation of only child) for a walk.


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  1. Looks fantastic!! I really want to go there someday. I have a good friend who is Chinese and we have talked for years about taking a trip together. Not so easy when you’ve got kids though….thats why we haven’t done it yet. Someday though, I will be there.

    DianeCAs last great read…Summer in review

  2. @Scarlet – The architecture is so different than any country I know, I just kept on taking pictures!

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – They actually use a wet brush, it’s just water. Some use water-based ink so it’s erased when it rains. Good question!

    @DianeCA – China is a great place but it must be hard to travel the country with kids. Chinese do love them but let’s face it, it’s quite a culture shock!

    @diesel – Thanks!

    @Froggywoogie – Love your enthusiasm! 🙂

    @Aiglee – Thank you!

    @beaverboosh – I came back this week, I just have some more Chinese pics to post 🙂

    @shionge – I bought… a suitcase to fit all the stuffs I bought because it wouldn’t fit in my backpack! 😆

  3. You are very good at taking pictures and you are very familiar with China,even know 小皇帝.Amazing.Though I am a chinese,I have never gone to bejing.

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