The Top 3 Places to Visit With Your Best Friends

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Source: Pexels

Let’s be honest for a second: how many times have you wished you were part of Taylor Swift’s squad or Leonardo DiCaprio’s yachting club? Well, fortunately, you probably already have a great group of really close friends; all that’s missing is the exotic locations and scenic settings. So, this summer maybe you and your besties should take it upon yourselves to go globetrotting and experience this wonderful world together as a group.

We’ve found three of the top places to visit with your best friends, from beach vacays to city breaks.

Las Vegas, USA

“The Venetian Las Vegas” (Public Domain) by Bernard Spragg

As the United States’ capital of fun, there are few places better on this Earth for you and your friends to visit. While we hope that your vacation is a little less hectic than the guys’ in The Hangover, you have to admit their Las Vegas adventure looked like a lot of fun.

You guys can spend literally days on The Strip seeing shows, dancing, relaxing in spas and, of course, experiencing Las Vegas’ iconic casinos. Slot machines, roulette, poker and pretty much every other game you can think of are all available within a two-mile area. Although, if you and your buddies are new to the whole casino scene, it could be a good idea to read up on the rules or maybe even play some practice rounds online at a Vegas Themed Casino. Make a night of it, like a pre-game round, boot up Vegas Casino and prepare yourselves for the madness that is Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mendoza, Argentina

“Mendoza 2009” (CC BY 2.0) by Mark Surman

If you thought Northern California was the only Wine Country worth visiting, you couldn’t be more wrong. Mendoza, Argentina is home to 1,200 wineries, most of which deal with Malbec, and miles of vineyards just waiting to be explored. Not fluent in wine-speak? There are plenty of online sources where you can research all things wine; even Men’s Health covers this crucial topic. Of course, if you and your friends somehow manage to become bored of drinking wine there are plenty of other activities on offer.

You see, Mendoza is situated at the base of the Andes, which means there are dozens of different outdoor action to indulge in from horseback riding to hiking. Plus, the Mendoza River flows through the vineyards and tourists are welcome to try rafting. On the evenings why not feast on traditional Argentinean BBQ and empanadas, or go shopping at the local boutiques.

Cozumel, Mexico

“Cozumel” (CC BY 2.0) by lauranazimiec

Finally, if your squad is more interested in getting tanned on some gorgeous beaches beside the beautiful ocean, then head to Cozumel, Mexico. All Caribbean islands are outstanding in their own ways, but this particular dot of land is home to endless white, sandy beaches bordered by coral and azure waters just waiting to be explored.

That said, not all beaches are created equal as it seems Playa San Francisco and Playa Palancar are favorites. You can go snorkeling or invite your friends to join you on a glass bottom boat ride to see the extraordinary marine life that inhabits their shores. Alternatively, there are paddleboats and kayaks to rent everywhere on the island, so you can really go on your own adventure.

There you have it: three incredible places that you and your best friends can visit this summer, each with their own unique qualities and flavors. Enjoy!


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