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The Tricky Questions Contest — Win Free Advertising!

Think Hard! It’s contest time!

As some of you may have noticed, I recently relooked my blog. My new theme came with three ad slots in the right sidebar, which I plan to use for paid advertising. But I figured it would be fun to hold a contest to fill these spots and give you guys a chance to put your blog banner/ad here!

So here is the deal. I’m going to ask you to answer five questions, each one being a little bit tricky, of course.

The first three persons to have all (or most) of the answers correct will get one month ad spot on my blog (each ad will be 100×100 or 125×125).

I’ll also randomly pick a fourth person among the contestants and he/she will get a one month blogroll link with a short blog review, the day the winners will be announced. This blog is a PR4 — it worth it!

The contest runs from February 11th to February 20th, when the winners will be announced. I won’t say a word about whether the answers are correct or not before that date, so keep on playing!

I’m also offering you two wild cards: if you don’t know an answer, just use one of them or both, and I’ll count this answer as correct! These are your wildcards:

Remember: you don’t have to answer correctly to all of the questions. Just get as many right as you can, and make a good use of your wild cards!

The Questions

  1. Travel: What is a chicken bus?
  2. General knowledge: when I first came to Canada, I noticed a lot of stores would have an height stick on the front door frame. What are these for?
  3. Food: what would a typical French person have for breakfast?
  4. Enigma: when I was in Australia, I noticed some public bathrooms (i.e in Sydney train station) were lit with blue light, like in a disco (ultraviolet). I really wondered why at the time and found the answer a few months later in a book. So, why would there be blue lights in a public bathroom in your opinion?
  5. Vocabulary: what’s the common point between the words: “toonie“; “double-double” and “zed“?

Good luck and… have fun! If you think this “test” is hard, remember I’m a teacher and feel sorry for my students :mrgreen:

EDIT: I have moderate the comments so that it’s more fair! So far, two people got 4/5 questions correct. Good job! Remember… you still have a chance to get all of the answers right. Alright, I’m going to sleep… I will sort out the comments tomorrow 😉

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