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The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Last Minute Getaway

Vacations are something that set everyone’s heart alight with anticipation. While some people spend months planning their getaway, a lucky few are sometimes faced with the chance to go on a last minute trip to an exotic location. Unfortunately, many last minute trips cause more stress and cost more money than they are worth. If you have a trusted guide at hand, you can be assured your next last-minute getaway will be nothing short of sensational.

Make sure you have enough money

The romantic idea of a last-minute trip is often as good as it gets, and this is largely due to how expensive vacations can be. Coming up with the money to spend on a trip in a short space of time is an unlikely ask of anyone. In the modern world, there are luckily countless ways you can get cash instantly. To avoid taking out a loan and putting extra strain on your bank account, it’s wise to pawn old but valuable possessions, like jewelry, for immediate funds. Finding a reliable jewelry buyer is the first step towards your last-minute getaway.

Organize time off work

For many people, booking time off work is a tricky task in and of itself. When it comes to escaping at the last minute, this can be even harder, but it is certainly possible. Ideally, you should wait to ask your boss at a good time in the day, when they are free from stress and other commitments. Some people have found that booking time off work for not-yet-existing trips is a foolproof way to ensure you can jet off without any worries. Usually, one or two days each side of a weekend should be enough. The key here is not to assume your boss will say yes, but to keep your request modest.

Choose the right company to book with

Getaways require lots of time and planning, which is something last-minute trips do not offer people. When this happens, it is wise to seek help from a travel agent or a reliable company who can organize your trip for you at a moment’s notice. Although some last-minute retreats will break the bank, selected companies have regular deals available that can be snapped up just a few days before departure. In recent years, numerous people have found that the best vacation deals are easy to access online. This means you can remove all the hassle involved with visiting an agent by booking from the comfort of your own home.

Always travel in shoulder season

Even if you have enough money in your savings and an extra bonus helping you pay for your trip, money can still be the deciding factor on whether you jump aboard the plane, or stay at home. You will hear countless tricks about how you can save money on a getaway, but most of these apply to those booked far in advance. The luckiest thing about shoulder season is that it is always shoulder season somewhere. With the temperate climate of peak season, but the prices of low season, you can expect to enjoy a truly stunning getaway when you book during this time. To help you see which countries have shoulder seasons and when it’s wise to look at a handy map.

Travel to a unique destination

Travelers are always searching for new and exciting destinations to visit. When you travel last-minute, many resorts and hotels may already be booked up for the season. Though traveling in shoulder season can help with this, there is, even more, you can do to ensure this doesn’t happen.  Instead, you should use this as a sign to explore some unique destinations, which can also save you lots of money in the long run. Whether it’s the fairy-tale landscape of Slovenia, or a sparkling city break in an up-and-coming city like Gdansk, Poland, the world is full of wonderful surprises when you take a roll of the dice.

Don’t neglect staycation hot spots

There are many blessings to living in a country as large as the United States, but the main one is how diverse the landscape is, and how each state presents travelers with another travel opportunity. Though you can take a staycation in any country on earth, the toppling mountains, pristine beaches and dense forests of the US are about as good as it gets. Avoid sky-high flight fares and long-haul flights by going on a weekend road trip, where you can create your own adventure. This will also enable you to take a last-minute trip without any planning and without the need to book time off work.

Plan your time- but not all of it

One of the most appealing aspects of last-minute travel is that it can take you anywhere, where you can do, eat and enjoy anything you like. Most getaways of this sort last only a few days, so it’s a good idea to use your journey time to plan what you would like to do there. This will allow you to maximize your time away, so you don’t miss out on anything. Yet, you should also make sure to leave some time to relax in, so you can return from your getaway feeling happy and refreshed.