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The Walls Are Talking

Every time I go to France, I like to take the pulse of the population and to sound out current issues. Graffiti and stickers can be found everywhere, and these little words written or stuck on urban fragments tell a lot about how people feel.

A lot of these stickers are given by far-left political parties, including the Fédération anarchiste and the Ligue communiste révolutionnaire, which are still quite active in France. Some are anonymous and quite witty. They promote social justice and oppose political and social establishments.

I also noticed quite a few stickers promoting Brittany’s independence and the use of the regional language, Breton.

You can follow our French trip here on Flickr: France (2010).

Consume, you will be a man
For your security, no more freedom
Police everywhere and no justice
Legalization of all illegals
Solidarity with Palestinians
Police everywhere and no justice
No Sarkozy day
Hunt them down! Out, fascists!
In Breton! Breton is a modern language! (written in Breton)
All together to fight back against the labour world
Unemployed people on strike, gathering every week
Privatizing the post office? You gotta be crazy!
Loire-Atlantique belongs to Brittany
Poster against nuclear weapons


Unemployed Strike Poster on a Staffing Agency Window (Nantes)



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