Through The Storm

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On Monday night, while I was outside getting some fresh air smoking a last cigarette, I noticed a few flurries in the sky. But when I woke up the next day, there was just a bit of frost on the grass. So, when Tuesday night I saw flurries again, I thought it would be gone the next morning.

I was wrong.



Slippery Roads

Slippery Roads

The first snow of the season. Another Canadian trick: going from mild weather to blizzard, from plus temperatures to minuses, from fall cold to winter freezing your ass cold. This is drastic. Clear sky to 25 cm of snow. Ouch.

Falling Ice!

Falling Ice!



Snow is beautiful though. Especially fresh snow like that. It’s like seeing the whole city coated with a fresh layer of paint. We are all used to it, or so you would think, but the first snow is always a shock. “What? Already?“. Cars don’t start or get stuck in the driveway, streets and roads are extremely slippery, buses are late…

Cold News

Cold News

At Night

At Night

Driving in the snow is always a challenge but Canadian cars are pretty good at that. Generally speaking, people drive much slower and are quite careful, so it all works out pretty well. Phew. It would be in France…

Snow Mountain

Snow Mountain

Covered With Snow

Covered With Snow

Downtown is usually a bit better because the streets are salted early in the morning. But still, people walk around confused and cold and there’s slush everywhere.

Since I grew up on the Atlantic coast in France, I had never seen snow before I came to Canada. This is my 4th winter, and I’m still excited. That said, winters are long here, and after 6 months of struggling in the cold and with ice and snow, we get tired of it.

Yep, we get tired of it. Cause you know what? This snow isn’t gonna melt before next April or May.


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  1. Thank you for sharing 🙄 (I guess)

    In a week or two that’ll look like us here in Michigan. Yep, I just checked…considerable snow Dec 3-8, with a break on the 6th. We’ve had patchy accumulation, but we would expect to have been dumped on by know (at least a few inches).

    Yeah, I get tired of it too. Ours sticks around until March or April though. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t drive for a living.

    Larro’s last blog post..Atheist Blogroll Toolkit

  2. I wish for snow too!

    But I know it’ll be torturing if it’s gonna last for so many months. And not to forget all those extra clothes that wrap our bodies everytime we have to go out.

    But still, I want snow…

    kyh’s last blog post..In cinemas

  3. We missed the worst of this storm in Toronto, so we just have a sprinkling on the grass now. This will be my eighth Canadian winter – you’ve got to love ’em – I’m trying 😉

    john’s last blog post..Swiss is the life

  4. I am sooooo envious…. I simply love the snow and cold weather. We only get a light splattering here in England nowadays. You have posted some wonderful photos in this post, if only I could be there now. I agree with you about the driving being different in Canada – here in England many people don’t bother adjusting their driving style to the conditions and there ends up being carnage everywhere. Also, here if you get more than 2cm of snow, the whole country grinds to a halt.

    Finally, a big thank you! Your photographs have made me feel a little bit festive!! Kindest regards ~ Graham 🙂

    ps. I don’t know how you do it, but your blog just gets better and better every time I visit. You truly are a talented blogging genius!!!!!

    Graham’s last blog post..A stroll through Caen Hill locks, Devizes

  5. Hey I had some before you, but not as much and it’s all melted now. Waiting for the next round but I dunno when. Lovely pics. All you need is ice cream cones to go with it.
    Stay warm 🙂

    FroggyWoogie’s last blog post..Bag Tag

  6. It’s so pretty! We only get a little snow over here, and when we do it’s like the end of the world. Schools get closed, the buses don’t run, and it takes until the next day for the streets to get cleaned. I love snow for a couple of days, especially the first few hours, before it’s been stepped on and spoiled. After that I quickly get sick of it and wish it would melt. 🙂

    Theresa’s last blog post..Please don’t leaf…I mean leave

  7. In introducing myself, like you, I call myself a citizen of this world as well. I’ve spent a summer in Toronto and it has been wonderful. Your pictures of the snow and slush reminded me of my snow experience in Cleveland, Ohio.

    I’m glad to have reached here through Shantanu’s blog. You have a lovely blog here. I’ll browse a bit and shall return another time. Cheers. 🙂

    Celine’s last blog post..Tourism Desk Moron – 1

  8. Zhu darling,
    As a Canadian who has lived in the UK for most of my life and now finds himself in Norway… the first sight of snow is effin fantastic! Ski season. Ski, ski, ski, ski season! To be fair, there is no snow in Oslo, but we have loads in the mountains. And hey, this freezy, melty, freezy thing is global! Enjoy it, we will all be dune skiing in the desert in 10 years if you beleive the scientists!

    Beaverboosh’s last blog post..Confessions Of A Virgin Blogger

  9. Wow, you have had a lot of snow have you not!!

    I can’t remember that last time we had snow that deep… Then again you guys seem to get a lot more snow than us in England. Well, it seems that way anyway…

    Despite what I just said we did actually get some snow but it didn’t lay, thank goodness! I don’t like the snow to be honest because children and teenagers throw snowballs at moving cars and myself when I am going to College!

    Oh, also the journey to College takes forever! Although that isn’t necessarily a bad thing 😉 .

    Aidan L’s last blog post..Messenger Eventually Available on K770i!

  10. Larro: Oh yeah, it’s also coming your way… still snowing here as I write. Must be tough to drive, I actually like taking the bus best when it’s snowing really bad.

    Pelf: that’s what I used to say before I moved to Canada… 😆

    Kyh: snow is a fun thing to experience, but for a short time. Winters are harsh and long here 😉

    John: of course Toronto doesn’t get snow… you guys are on another planet! 😆

    Jay Cam: a couple of months? More like 6 months, for sure!

    Graham: yes, I see what you mean. I hated French winters when I lived there: foggy, damp, not cold enough yet central heating doesn’t work well… I like extremes, so Canada suits me. Still, it can be harsh out there… Thanks for the praise, it’s always nice to hear! 😉

    Spyder: I wish it melt but it’s snowing again as I write…!

    Jess: I must be obsess with food cause that’s what I thought of! 😆

    Froggiewoogie: you know what? I don’t like ice cream. Must be the only person (or woman…) on earth, but I find it too cold! Now gimme some chocolate and we can talk! Oh, and I don’t like peanut butter either!

  11. Keshi: it’s not that cold, just around 0C… wait till we get the minus 40C and you’ll hear me complain about it!

    Shantanu: yep, I’m a real pictures addict now!

    Theresa: I know!! Same in France: two centimeters and the world stops. But here, it’s quite different… only for blizzard we stay in, otherwise we go to work as usual. I wish… I wish…

    Celine: thanks for visiting! I know, snow is cool when you experience just a little bit of it… it’s pretty too. But I think I saw too much of it these last few years!

    Art: it’s not that cold for now…! Not yet at least – you’ll hear me complain soon enough 😆

    Beaverboosh: I don’t ski, but does falling on slippery sidewalk counts as winter sports? And snowball fights? You Canadians are all the same… you get all nostalgic about the weather after moving out of the country! 😆

    Aidan: oh yeah, we get a lot of snow, nothing compared to Europe, that’s for sure. You should see the snow pile between each driveway at the end of the winter… it’s like at least a meter high!

    Twisted DNA: Nah, you have all the weirdos down there!

    Tiffany: exactly! These were words of wisdom 😉

  12. I love the snow! AND ice cream, AND peanut butter … so NYAH 😛

    Great pictures … and you all bundled! heheh too cute …

    Ghosty’s last blog post..What I Did For My Thanksgiving Vacation

  13. 😛 wow!
    What an impressif post this is!!!!
    So you did survive I am glad you did, its also snowing there in the Canadian countries…. I don’t really know where you are heading (which side of Canada) so I know its not snowing everywhere yet….

    Please come and see my Paris impressions… when we were there at my birthday, I made a lot of shots and I show them in Hugh collages,
    You might like to visit my blog:)

    Greetings JoAnn 😉
    (I really hope this comment will be saved)

    JoAnn Through my digital eyes/Holland Europe’s last blog post..Paris Visit “Orsay”

  14. You just made me feel so cold and reminded me what snow looks like. Over here in the UK we haven’t had much of the white stuff for years.

    We are lucky if we get more than 2 inches these days. It’s ages since I built a snowman. Perhaps I should come and visit. 🙂

    Suze’s last blog post..Bad Pussy – Part 3

  15. Salut,

    This is beautiful! I absolutely loved it 😀 ! It reminded me of the time when I lived in Ontario, and played with my brother in the snow…*sigh*…good old days lol.
    I would like to congratulate you for your improvements on your banner: gorgeous!


    Max Coutinho’s last blog post..The Faces of December

  16. Ghosty: trust me, it’s hard to look thin and sexy when it’s below 0. I just gave up 😆

    JoAnn: thanks! I’m gonna visit very soon, just been quite busy (er… shoveling the snow…)

    Froggiewoogie: well… I just eat chocolate like everyone else! 😆

    Suze: thanks for visiting! Yeah, not as much snow in Western Europe, that’s for sure.

    Max: thanks girl! I do like Photoshop a lot… 😉

    NorthBayPhoto: oh, I love it! (for less than 6 months a year, that is)

  17. Brrr!!! I have no problem with snow. Makes everything look brighter in the dark winter. But I hate it when they start to melt and turn into slush mixing with small pebbles or soil, and they turn into brownish goo. The northern part of Sweden is already like this. We are still bracing for this kind of snow here where I live. Usually mid-december, we get this. Looking forward to it! Not. LOL.

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