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Why My Fellow French Are All Talking About a Penis

You know you’re in France when you start your day with a penis story.

Don’t worry, this is actually safe for work (which is good, I guess, because I’ve been told the world is full of corporate dicks).

I went for a walk early this morning and, as usual, I glanced at the day’s headlines posted outside the Maison de la presse. There are two main daily local newspapers in Nantes: Ouest France and Presse Océan.

“Titan’s penis: finally!” titled Presse Océan.

“Titan’s penis bloomed” claimed Ouest France.

Turned out that the “Titan’s Arum,” also called Amorphophallus titanum, is a giant flower, the biggest in the world, and the plant only blooms for 72 hours every ten years or so. There is one at the Jardin des plantes and it apparently bloomed last Sunday.

That explains the headlines!

(Happy Canada Day, Canada!)

The Headlines
The Headlines

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