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Top Tips For Canadians Travelling To Europe

Planning to travel to Europe can be stressful. With several different aspects of your trip to consider such as your accommodation and transport for the duration of your time abroad, it’s easy to forget the little things that can make a big difference. However, there are multiple top tips that you can use to make your experience travelling to Europe more memorable. So, stick with us as we share our top tips for Canadians travelling to Europe!

Pack Smart

When packing, it is important to ensure that you pack smart. Packing smart doesn’t necessarily mean packing any less than you want to take on your trip travelling to Europe. Simply rolling your garments up can help save a significant amount of room in your suitcase. To save even more room, tuck your socks, hairbrush and any small items of clothes into your shoes. This way, you can still pack that pair of shoes you are desperate to take with you without having to leave half of your outfits at home! Packing cubes are another great investment. These small cubes enable you to pack your belongings by outfit or item. For example, you may decide to put all of your evening clothes in one cube, while your beachwear is stored safely in another.

Remember Documentation

When travelling, it is important to remember all the required documentation. Whether you need to submit your passport application or are looking to renew e111 card, it’s vital that you do this in plenty of time. If this is not done in advance, then you may run the risk of not having the required documents for your travels to Europe. It is also important to consider whether you require a visa prior to your trip.

Travel Out Of Season

When travelling to any part of Europe, it may be beneficial to travel out of season. There are several reasons for this, including that travelling out of season can help save you money. What’s more, by travelling out of season, you can avoid standing in queues for all the major attractions and sights. This is especially true if you are travelling to a major capital city in Europe, as you may not be able to get your hands on a fast past during the warmer months.

Organise Currency Early

Travelling from Canada to Europe presents the problem of conversion rates and currency. When organising this, it may be worth ordering your money online – and in advance. By doing so, you may find a better exchange rate than is available on the market and so you will receive greater value for money.

If you are exchanging large quantities of money,  you could benefit from a travel card.  Most travel cards also come with a mobile app that enables you to not only top up finances on the go but also monitor the balance.

Each of these top tips are here to help you have the most enjoyable trip from Canada to Europe possible so you can rest assured that you will return home feeling refreshed from your trip to your very own European paradise. Happy travels!