Toronto Harbor

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I grew up in Nantes, on the West coast of France. The Loire river crosses the city and I lived close to the banks. We were also a 45 minutes drive from the coast, where I spent pretty much all of my summers. I learned to swim before I could walk and believe it or not, I was an okay surfer and windsurfer. All in all, I believe this explains my fascination for water. I like the sea best but lakes and river will do as well. Hell, even glaciers!

Lake Ontario is one of the five Great Lakes of North America and the city of Toronto is built on its shore. The first time I was there, I thought I was standing by the sea. It may be the smallest of the Great Lakes but I saw water is as far as the eye can see.

Toronto Harbor is an interesting place: it actually reminds me of Hong Kong a little bit, probably because of the many tall condominiums built close to the water. It can bit bitterly cold on the waterfront during winter, but it’s lovely on a warm spring day like it was that weekend.

You can see the full set of the pictures taken in Toronto here.

Grass and Skyscapers

Life Buoy

Toronto Harbor

Swan (Lost in Toronto?)

Winter Sign

Always Higher...

CN Tower

Lone Boat


Red Boat





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  1. @Yogi – Thank you!

    @Agnes – For all the times you say it… you should!

    @micki – Nantes isn’t that small actually, I believe it’s about 300,000 people. Okay, compared to any Chinese city, it’s a village 😆

    Thank you for checking out all my pics, including the ones not on the blog (the firefighters) 🙂

    @Beth – Well, I wanted to. We actually show up at the ferry to learn that it was still Winter service. There was a huge lineup in front of us and I kid you not, people were starting to riot because they had been waiting for ages. I decided to pass.

    The following day, we read in the Toronto Star that people ended up being stuck on the island for hours, and that not all passengers had been able to fit on the ferry.

  2. Did you go to the islands? They’re one of the best parts of toronto. You probably saw the ferries in the harbor. I’ve taken my kids 3 times to them. Centreville is good fun,plus you can rent bikes there and ride the length of the islands. I’d love to rent a cottage there for a week, but they’re too small for 5 people. cheers

  3. sorry, didn’t read all the posts-
    it’s better to have avoided a potential riot!!! ouch!
    You could always hijack a canoe off the island (if desperate)-
    canoe rentals/hijackings are available as well.

  4. Wonderful pictures! A lot of the hotels in Northern Michigan employ workers from the Caribbean in the summer (during their off season and out on season), and one time a worker told my parents that he didn’t believe Lake Huron was a lake and not an ocean until he went down to the beach to taste it!
    .-= Soleil´s last blog ..Buttered or Stuffed? =-.

  5. @Tulsa Gentleman – Thank you!

    @Sidney – Yes, these are usually interesting places.

    @Rich b – Yeah, and no 🙂 I love Toronto Island, been there several times. Just not that time, I didn’t feel like fighting my way to the ferry (and back!).

    @Soleil – That’s funny! But I can easily understand them, I mean, I KNEW it was a lake, yet it’s a pretty big one!

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