Tourists in Toronto

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After visiting the Niagara Region, we stopped in Toronto. I know the city very well now but it’s always fun to revisit a few favourite places downtown: Chinatown (where you can get excellent jiaozi and baozi), Kensington Market (for the funky artsy feel) and Yonge Street (for the shops and the crowd).

It was hot and humid and my feet now have weird tan lines on my feet from my sandals but it felt so great to hang out outside and walk everywhere!

We even went to the top of the CN Tower. I’ve been there once before years ago but I almost forgot how amazing the view is. The best part of the visit is always the glass floor, with a view 1,122′ straight down. Even though you know the glass isn’t going to break, it takes a while to manage the courage to step on it and look down!

You can see the complete Toronto set on Flickr.

Toronto From The Top

Sitting on the Glass Floor

Arriving in Toronto

From the Top of the C.N. Tower

From the Top of the C.N. Tower

From the Top of the C.N. Tower

From the Top of the C.N. Tower

From the Top of the C.N. Tower


Stop Harper


Kensington Market

Someone Doesn't Like Patchouli Oil

Need I.D Cards?

Kensington Market

Yonge Street, The Longest Street

Dundas Square

Nathan Philips Square

Danger Due To Zombies


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  1. I have to make a confession. As much as I have visited Toronto so many times now, I have never climbed the CN Tower yet! I should do that one of these days.

  2. Hi Zhu,
    Yes, the CN tower’s glass floor! I have heard about it. That is scary and cool at the same time!!
    Toronto is a place that D & I would enjoy discovering.
    Great urban photos! I chuckled about the Police area zombies 🙂

    Once again, you have taken me on a trip a day when I am stuck at home.
    Bises x

  3. wow i’d love to stand on the glass floor and look down!!

    it’s funny that… cn tower used to be the world’s tallest manmade structure, and all of a sudden it’s been relegated to 2nd or 3rd! 🙂

  4. Hi Zhu, the weather looks great for sure! I went up CN only once, and it was during sunset. Its really beautiful to watch the sun dip and the city glitter with lights. I was up there for 3 hours. You gave your family a great tour, can never go wrong with those markets 🙂

    • Oh, that must have been great! Both times I went was during the day. Sunny, so I guess we were lucky. But sunset must be great up there!

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