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Playing Tourists in Toronto and Going to the Top of the CN Tower

After visiting the Niagara Region, we stopped in Toronto. I know the city very well now but it’s always fun to revisit a few favourite places downtown: Chinatown (where you can get excellent jiaozi and baozi), Kensington Market (for the funky artsy feel) and Yonge Street (for the shops and the crowd).

It was hot and humid and my feet now have weird tan lines on my feet from my sandals but it felt so great to hang out outside and walk everywhere!

We even went to the top of the CN Tower. I’ve been there once before years ago but I almost forgot how amazing the view is. The best part of the experience is always the glass floor, with a view of 1,122′ straight down. Even though you know the glass isn’t going to break, it takes a while to manage the courage to step on it and look down!

Toronto From The Top
Sitting on the Glass Floor
Arriving in Toronto
From the Top of the C.N. Tower
From the Top of the C.N. Tower
From the Top of the C.N. Tower
From the Top of the C.N. Tower
From the Top of the C.N. Tower
Stop Harper
Kensington Market
Someone Doesn’t Like Patchouli Oil
Need I.D Cards?
Kensington Market
Yonge Street, The Longest Street
Dundas Square
Nathan Philips Square
Danger Due To Zombies
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