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The Queen’s Walk and Tower Bridge

Like the last time we were in London, we always seemed to end up by the River Thames. After all, that’s where a lot of attractions are located (i.e. the London Eye, the Parliament, the Tate Modern, St Paul’s Cathedral etc.) and the banks of the river are nice places for long walks, not to mention that London has a lot of interesting bridges to check out.

On a quite stormy day (more on London weather later!), we got off the Tube at London Bridge and took the Queen’s Walk along the River Thames. The skyline is quite nice there, with the famous Tower Bridge in the foreground, as well as the HMS Belfast (a permanently moored museum ship, originally a Royal Navy light cruiser), the City Hall and the Tower of London.

There was a big screen set up by the City Hall and people were watching the Olympic Games, drinking and cheering. Most tourists were more interesting in the Tower Bridge though, and like them we didn’t stick around to watch whatever event was showing.

I find London’s skyline quite fascinating, because for such an old European city, it is quite modern and has several very interesting buildings from an architectural point of view. The mix of old and new somehow reminded me of Asia actually, especially the Bund in Shanghai.

You can see all the pic­tures taken in Lon­don on Flickr.

Olympic Flag and British Flag
Pole on London Bridge
Reflection from Borough High Street
About to Rain…
From Borough High St Bridge
Goofing Around
London Skyline Along the Thames River
London Skyline Along the Thames River
Indoor Mall
The City hall
Tower Bridge and Olympic Rings
Along the River Thames
London from Tower Bridge
On Tower Bridge
London Skyline from Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge
Watching the Games by the City Hall

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