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Townships of Head, Clara and Maria

After Pembroke and Rapides-Des-Joachims, we followed the Trans-Canada Highway, looking for places to explore on that rainy week-end. As soon as I saw a sign saying “Head, Clara and Maria”, I wanted to check out the place. What a funny name!

Head, Clara and Maria is a township in Eastern Ontario, in the County of Renfrew on the Ottawa River. The townships stretch along 60 kilometers of Highway 17. All the activities are located nearby the road, the rest is mostly wilderness. Population is only a bit under 300 people, with a density of… 0.3/km2. That’s Canada for ya!

We spotted a railway in Stonecliffe. If I understood the local history right, it is part of the Brockville — Ottawa railway, later know as the Canada Central and then the Canadian Pacific Railway, the transcontinental railway scheme.

I love disused places and railroad tracks, so I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures.

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