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Tulum, Playa y Pueblo

Okay: waking up in this amazing setting was worth the cold shower and the chilly night wind. Tulum beach is beautiful. The sea has all the gradient of blue you can imagine and the white-sand is blinding under the midday sun.

Around noon, we went to Tulum pueblo to find some food—options are thin on the ground by the beach. The town was a welcomed break. While the main street is mostly geared towards tourists (this is where you can buy somewhat Mayan blankets and Frida Kahlo bags), the side streets offered an interesting glimpse into Mexicans’ everyday life.

I can’t get enough of the colours. Ads—including the ubiquitous Bimbo, a famous brand of bread—and political slogans are painted everywhere in walls are just make side cheery. People are super relaxed and welcoming, even more so when yo hablo un poquito español.

After a trip to the supermarket, we were back on the beach for the show of the night: an amazing sunset.

Tulum Beach
Tulum Beach
Mexican Beetle
Waking Up
Tulum Beach
Tulum Beach
Green Leaf
City Hall
Local Church
Bus Terminal
Feng and Corona
Bimbo Bread
Tulum Beach

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