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Under The Moonlight…

This is my entry for Graham’s monthly photography hunt. The theme for June is “moon” or “moonlight“.

Under The Moonlight

The indolence of a rainy Sunday…

It had been a crazy day in Ottawa. We had woken up to a beautiful blue sky and sunshine and had decided to eat out and then go for a walk. But suddenly, about half-way through my Vietnamese noodles, we heard the thunder. The sky had opened up it was soon pouring rain. It quickly turned dark and wind blew the rain hard against the windows of the restaurant. We stayed there for about half an hour and finally ran to the car, which was parked a few streets away.

Change of plans: shopping mall. Driving on the freeway was erratic. It had started raining again and there were about three inches of water on the road. Everybody was driving slowly but the rain was hitting the windshield harder and harder and the wipers could barely keep up. The raindrops were getting bigger and we were expecting hail any minute. Lightning was tearing the sky apart, sheets of rain were coming out sideways and we felt very small in the car.

By the time we arrived in the shopping mall, the car soaked and shiny from the rain, the power was out and the stores were closing. We waited a bit and drove back home.

It rained constantly that day but for a one-hour window during which I caught a glimpse of the moon, almost full already. It made it even more beautiful. I missed the clear sky.

Stormy day. A Sunday, of course.

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