Under The Moonlight…

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This is my entry for Graham’s monthly photography hunt. The theme for June is “moon” or “moonlight“.

Under The Moonlight

The indolence of a rainy Sunday…

It had been a crazy day in Ottawa. We had woken up to a beautiful blue sky and sunshine and had decided to eat out and then go for a walk. But suddenly, about half-way through my Vietnamese noodles, we heard the thunder. The sky had opened up it was soon pouring rain. It quickly turned dark and wind blew the rain hard against the windows of the restaurant. We stayed there for about half an hour and finally ran to the car, which was parked a few streets away.

Change of plans: shopping mall. Driving on the freeway was erratic. It had started raining again and there were about three inches of water on the road. Everybody was driving slowly but the rain was hitting the windshield harder and harder and the wipers could barely keep up. The raindrops were getting bigger and we were expecting hail any minute. Lightning was tearing the sky apart, sheets of rain were coming out sideways and we felt very small in the car.

By the time we arrived in the shopping mall, the car soaked and shiny from the rain, the power was out and the stores were closing. We waited a bit and drove back home.

It rained constantly that day but for a one-hour window during which I caught a glimpse of the moon, almost full already. It made it even more beautiful. I missed the clear sky.

Stormy day. A Sunday, of course.


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French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. Nice pic…and a good story.

    to be honest, I would enter but I left my bigger better camera in Rochester.

    Oh well, good for you 😛

    Ulquiorras last great read…Saudi Minister Not Worried about Supply

  2. Your moon photo is beautiful.
    Driving in rain like that is stressful. I never know whether to slow down (and risk having somebody rear-end me with their car or truck) or just drive without being able to see the person who slows down in front of me.
    A lot of people park their cars at shopping mall garages if they don’t have covered parking at home. I didn’t know that until last week.
    Do you have any photos of yourself moonwalking?

    Seraphines last great read…Tornado Part 1: Cawker City, Kansas

  3. I love a good rainstorm, almost as much as a good story about a rainstorm. The photo is beautiful. It makes me want to dance in the moonlight on a glistening city street.

    Scarlets last great read…tag, i’m it!

  4. I so love that photograph. It is almost like a poster for a new spooky movie! Full of atmosphere and tension! Super fantastic dear Zhu!!! 😀

    Sun, rain, wind – all in one day. Sounds like typical English weather…lol! I loved your account of the day, it made a great read. Sometimes when a storm is coming, I make myself a flask of tea and drive to a hilltop somewhere and just sit there watching the rain fall over the fields below, whilst sat snug in my car supping hot tea and munching a cookie or two. Beats watching TV any day!

    A brilliant interpretation Zhu!!!! 🙂

    Grahams last great read…Graham’s History Lesson #1 ~ The Moonrakers

  5. I love the way you write, feels like reading a short story in a book 🙂 I get scared in that kind of weather, specially when I’m driving and storms here are much much scary than in Venezuela :0

    Aiglees last great read…Do I miss Venezuela?

  6. Salut Zhu,
    What a lovely moon to comfort you after such chaotic weather !
    That was pretty awful , and when it gets really bad, yes, humans are very tiny against the fury of Mother Nature.

    I hope that you got home safely.

    See you soon.

    barbaras last great read…The Mosaic Picture meme

  7. @Ulquiorra – Come on, it’s fun! Don’t you have a basic camera? They can take great pics sometimes!

    @Froggywoogie – S’right, I’m from Brittany, remember? 😉

    @sir jorge – I hope you like the rain, you live in Seattle! 😆

    @diesel – Or a spot on my camera. Who knows???

    @Seraphine – Thank you! Driving alone is stressful for me, so yeah, it’s worse in the rain. Or in the snow, because you can never predict where are the slippery patches… That said it is somewhat comforting to be in the car during a storm.

    @Scarlet – Don’t mind me and dance!

    @Graham – I love storms actually — when I hate are so-so days, you know, mild temperatures and scattered showers. Do you remember the big storm of 1999 in Europe? France was hit hard, I think England as well. The wind was so strong I couldn’t walk outside!

    @Aiglee – And Ottawa is well-known for its violent thunderstorms in summer… I’m getting used to it!

    @Shantanu – Yeah, but we have colder rain 😆

    @barbara – We were safe, in Canada, we are used to deal with crazy weather 😉

    @kyh – 对!让我想月饼 😆

  8. You managed to do a great job braving the weather. It is winter where I am and shooting the moon was also difficult and cold. There was too much cloud cover for me to even get any sort of moonlight. I ended up shooting my photo during the day instead. I like how the tress frame the edge of you photo making you focus more on the moon. Nice.

    Lisss last great read…Monthly Photo Project – Moon or Moon Light.

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