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Unsolved Mysteries of Everyday Life

Why are the best “please, just leave it until tomorrow!” projects always built right in the middle of the living room? Why not start, oh, I don’t know… in the “play area,” just a metre to the left? In the bedroom, upstairs?

Exhibit 1, Ottawa, April 2019
Exhibit 2, Ottawa, April 2019

Mark’s message on the new box of chocolate he gave me for my birthday—“do not open, mommy’s”—might be a clue in the curious case of the missing stash of chocolate at home. I’m pretty sure I didn’t eat it all and wrapping papers were found under the couch… Can’t even blame a pet, we don’t have one!

“Mommy’s, do not open”, Ottawa, March 2019

“Cut off the crust, please, oh, please, cut off the crust! I can’t have crust on my lunchbox sandwich!”

*Immediately grabs the crust I just cut off and asks for a plate to eat it in front of the TV*

Ottawa, April 2019

Why do I find math tests on my bed at night? What did I do to him??

Ottawa, March 2019

As a true Canadian kid who doesn’t seem to mind snow storms…

The weather that day, mid-April…

Ottawa, April 2019
Ottawa, April 2019

What are the odds! Every time Mark plays Parcheesi against Bat-Bear, he wins. Crazy.

“I guess I’m just good at it,” Mark shrugs innocently. “Don’t worry,” he whispers to me five seconds later. “I am pretending. I know Bat-Bear is not actually playing!”

Ottawa, April 2019


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