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Up In The Sky

Traveling from the East to the West meant following the sun… and not sleeping much because we shared the plane with two minor league soccer teams on their way to Toronto (one day, I’ll tell you about in-flight food fights… I’m still too traumatized to speak!). I was seated by the window and snapped a few pictures along the way.

1 2

Taking off in Paris… a lot of thick clouds — I rarely get to see them that close, much less fly through them!

3 4

A few hours later, flying over… Greenland! Seeing icebergs was just amazing. Keep in mind we were at least 10 000 feet above ground level, so the “small” chunks of ice were probably actually huge! The sea was so blue as well… just amazing.

5 6

Flying over Canada… seeing land for the first time in about seven hours (long hours — did I mention the food fight?). This was probably Prince Edward Island or Newfound Land. Looks pretty cold, doesn’t it?

7 8

Over Northern Quebec, and then landing in Montreal…

The flight was tiring but pretty unique otherwise. It was my first time taking pictures from above… and I loved it!


Oh by the way… I have just update to WordPress 2.5 yesterday night and I’m telling you, WordPress users, do it as soon as you can! The new version is just perfect.

I usually upgrade using Fantastico (lazy me) but couldn’t wait to test WP 2.5, so I upgraded manually, following the instructions. Funny thing, first time of my life I actually understand WordPress instructions! Anyway, everything was completed in about 30 minutes and all my plugins worked just fine, except one called “Popularity Contest” — but I found a fix.

I didn’t like the new admin interface much but I found a new plugin, Fluency 1.1, which is more user-friendly.

My favorite new WordPress 2.5 features?

  • The one-click plugins upgrade
  • Widget management
  • The new fresh feeling!

Don’t wait any longer… download WordPress 2.5! (damn, I don’t even get paid for saying that!)

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