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Useful Links For Immigration (10/10)

The Canadian Parliament In Ottawa
The Canadian Parliament In Ottawa

Welcome to the “How to immigrate to Canada” series, ten articles covering the basics—immigration categories, rights and duties as a permanent resident, first steps as a newcomer and more.

To end this series, I’d like to provide a list of useful links.

Official websites

  • Immigration and Citizenship Canada is the official Government of Canada website to learn more about immigration categories, download application packages, pay fees, etc.
  • Immigration Quebec is the official website of the province of Quebec for immigration information.
  • Going to Canada is another Government of Canada website to help you plan a temporary visit to Canada. It also gives you great info about immigrating to Canada.
  • Welcome to Canada: what you should know is a very informative series from the Government of Canada covering housing, health care, the tax system, looking for a job, etc.

Non-official website about Canadian immigration

  • The British Expat Wiki offers informative articles on Canada. It covers education, how to find a job, etiquette in Canada, challenges immigrants may face, etc.

Immigration forums

Warning—immigration forums can be incredibly frustrating. First of all, there are usually more questions than answers. Second, you may get a lot of unwanted emails or private messages if you’re a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen (“how did you do it?? Can you help me???”).

  • Settlement.org is for newcomers settling in Ontario. It has great info about all aspects of life in Canada such as housing and the health care system. The forum is busy enough.
  • Canada Immigration Forum is an immigration lawyer’s forum. The forum is quite busy, with a lot of categories.

If you want to suggest other useful links, use the comment form below!

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