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Rebel France III

Walls are talking in France!

Last year, when I visited France, I had a lot of fun collecting all the graffitis and posters on the walls and posting them in Rebel France I and Rebel France II. And here is Rebel France III, with more political messages! These were collected in Nantes and in Paris.

Translation and explanations below…
French Political Graffitis

  • Les patrons ont besoin de toi, tu n’as pas besoin d’eux (“bosses need you, you don’t need them“): an old communist/ anarchist slogan.
  • Ni pauvres, ni soumis (“nor poor nor subdued“): Ni Pauvre Ni Soumis is a committee which demands a guaranteed minimum income for those who can’t work because of a condition or a disability.
  • Le chômage c’est la misère, le salariat, l’exploitation (“unemployment is poverty and wage system is slavery“): this slogan mostly denounces job insecurity. Unemployment is very high in France because of the economic crisis and a lot of people are underemployed.
  • Qui sème la misère récolte la colère (“sow poverty and reap anger“): a slogan from ¡No pasarán!, a left-wing committee.
  • Casse-toi, pauv’ con — et c’est Nicolas Sarkozy qui le dit! (“Get the hell out of here, jerk — and that’s from Nicolas Sarkozy!“): in 2007, Sarkozy, the French President I did not vote for, paid a visit to the Salon de l’Agriculture (a giant county fair held in Paris). He shook some hands in the crowd, surrounded by security. At one point, one guy refused to shake the President’s hand and said “don’t touch me” (can’t blame the guy, I wouldn’t like Sarkozy to touch me either). The President then aggressively barked: “get the hell out of here, jerk!“. The scene was captured on video and Sarkozy’s vulgar reaction got everybody talking (you can watch the 0:45 seconds video on Youtube here). Note that he since made an habit of it: for example, he recently stated that  Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero was not very smart…
  • Ni dieu ni maître (“no god, no master“): the famous anarchist slogan.

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