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Warm Weather Makes Headlines

Just a few weeks ago, it was all ice and snow in Canada’s national capital. The weather had been mild by Canadian standards but we were still shoveling snow and wearing winter boots. We attended the Winterlude festival and we were skating (or eating beaver tails…) on the Rideau Canal.

We had weeks and weeks of snow and rain and frankly, it was turning a bit depressing (not to mention wet). This is what Ottawa looked like just two weeks ago:

Go Canada!
Rideau Street, Parliament Hill And Greyish Weather

And suddenly, it got warm. It surprised us all. Oh, nothing to get super excited about in most places around the world: it’s between -5ºC and 8ºC. But for us, this means spring weather. And it does smell like spring!

I was born on March 21st, so I’m a spring girl. But since I’m in Canada, I spend most of my birthdays dressed in winter clothes and shoveling snow. I just hope this warm weather is here to stay but I wouldn’t hold my breathe…

A Sunny Day On Parliament Hill
The Ice is Melting on The Canal
The Ottawa River
The U.S. Embassy
Notre-Dame Church
The Yatch Club in Gatineau
Alexandra Bridge
By The River
Bollard and Rope
Alexandra Bridge
Iron and Screws
Alexandra Bridge and Ottawa

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