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Welcome Home…

Sunrise at Toronto Airport
Sunrise at Toronto Airport

Hello home. Hello cold.

After a long flight from Buenos Aires, we arrived in Toronto early morning. We took the airport bus to downtown, jumped on a Greyhound bus, and arrived in Ottawa a few hours later. It had been a while.

It wasn’t that cold, and there weren’t too much snow on the ground. The city hasn’t changed… I guess it never really does. It’s both comfortable and slightly disturbing to slip into our old lives, like nothing happened.

We spent the last few days seeing friends, emptying our backpacks and doing some laundry (which doesn’t dry that well considering it’s 0ºC outside). I stopped by at work and got talked into working full-time next week. Eh, why not… although I’m not dying to take the early morning bus, once again.

My citizenship application has finally been approved, and it will apparently take another 12 to 15 months for the exam and the ceremony. I’m not in a hurry… but I’m glad to know it’s being processed. I also received my TOEFL exam result, and I scored 115/120. That was a good surprise.

I spent the last couple of days trying to tweak my WordPress theme, since it had been discontinued. Well, after a headache and two days of trials, I reverted back to the old theme. I don’t care if it’s discontinued, I’m keeping it. I got nowhere even close to what I wanted with the new themes, no matter how geeky and improved they look.

I’m 26 years old today. I looked for new wrinkles but we are still very tan, and I couldn’t spot one. Who cares anyway. I want to keep on traveling, keep on seeing the world, keep on writing, keep on taking pictures. I want to keep on learning more and more.

Here we are, in Canada, once again. And leaving soon… for a trip to France in 10 days.

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