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Wheat Kings and Bees, Just Like in a Tragically Hip Song

Note to self—when exploring crop fields, even if it’s at the Experimental Farm just a few minutes’ walk from home, do not wear shorts and sandals. Especially if you notice hundreds of bees gathering pollen.

No, I didn’t get stung, lucky me. My bare legs did feel itchy, but I suspect it was just psychological.

A little while ago, I noticed a new patch of sunflowers at the Experimental Farm. I went there on Saturday, my camera and macro lens slung across my shoulders. The only issue with the macro lens is that it’s a prime lens. It doesn’t zoom, it is set to a single focal length (85 mm for that one). So I had to get really close to the bees to get a good shot, and some didn’t look too happy about it. Oh, and bees don’t really understand instructions such as “stay put,” “don’t move” and “a little on the right please.”

After the sunflowers, I went to explore the wheat fields. “Sundown in the Paris of the prairies, Wheat Kings have all their treasures buried” the Tragically Hip sang. Guess we won’t run out of breakfast cereals in this country!

Purple Flower
And Bee Having Lunch
Gathering Pollen
Gathering Pollen
Hidden in the Grass
Hidden in the Grass
Dust in the Wind
Sunflowers and Blue Sky
Sunflower and Bee
Red Post
Spider Web
Lost Feather
Wheat Kings
Wheat Kings
Wheat Kings

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