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Which other colleges apart from Boston University offer interesting exchange programs?

Nowadays, the majority of top colleges in the US have started to offer excellent exchange programs which gives students an opportunity to go abroad, to study there and to acquire unique experience. If you have already dealt with the task of writing a Boston University essay and have become a student there, it is time to consider a few study options abroad. You may need to write a why BU essay or take a few tests to prove that you should be given the chance to participate in an exchange program you have chosen. Yet, it won’t be any more difficult than dealing with the Boston University supplement essay or writing any other Boston University essay.

The list of universities with which Boston University has an exchange agreement includes the following educational institutions: Dublin City University, University of Sydney, Technische Universität Dresden, American University of Beirut, Universite de Geneve and lots of others. No matter whether you are going to major in Boston University law or any other discipline, you will definitely find an exchange program that meets all your needs. There will be some requirements as well. For instance, you may need to submit a Boston University essay or complete some other assignment. Yet, you have nothing to worry about if you have successfully dealt with the task of writing a Boston University application essay as it is a well-known fact that dealing with BU supplement essay has never been easy. If you have managed to submit a killer why BU essay, you are on the safe side.

Among other colleges that offer interesting exchange programs, such educational institutions as New York University, Elon University, Michigan State University and Georgetown University are typically highlighted. You may compare their GPA to Boston University average GPA but these colleges are renowned, so you will definitely be satisfied with the quality of education you are going to receive there. Perhaps their assignments may be even a bit less complicated than the task of writing a Boston University essay.

So, what do the colleges mentioned above offer their students in regards to study exchange programs? At NYU, there are lots of programs students can participate in, but it is important to contact the administration office to check out what’s available at the moment. Among the partner universities that have established exchange programs with New York University are the following educational institutions: Freie University, University of Amsterdam, Trinity College Dublin, University of Copenhagen, Nagoya University, Stockholm University and the University of Vienna.

Speaking about Georgetown, they have a lot to offer as well. There is a huge selection of programs depending on the area of study, the language used in class, or the country a student wants to visit for their study abroad program. Currently, 57 countries are ready to host Georgetown students, and 213 programs are available to undergraduates.

Elon University, in its turn, has a few centers abroad where its students can go for an exchange study program. They are located in such cities as London, Dunedin, Shanghai and Florence. As a result of that, Elon students get a superb opportunity to take part in the global study engagement process and acquire a lot of useful experience while studying abroad. Another important aspect to mention in regards to Elon University exchange programs is that they are created in a way to meet the requirements of Elon students abroad even though they are offered in partnership with other organizations there.

All in all, the majority of universities in the United States of America offer superb study exchange programs no matter whether it is an Ivy League college or a more affordable educational institution. The key aspect here is to choose the most suitable program and to try studying abroad at least for a short period of time. One does not necessarily have to go away for the whole year or two. Instead, one can choose to study abroad during summer to see whether this is something they are willing to pursue later on. The ideal time to apply for an exchange program is during or after your second and third year at university. This way, you will feel more comfortable leaving your school and your well-known curriculum to try something new and get different studying experience. There is no doubt you will benefit from participating in a study exchange program.