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Why Choose International Health Insurance Plans

Moving abroad to live or work, discovering new cultures and people… Expatriation is a memorable experience of a lifetime. Expatriation requires preparation in advance, there is no room for improvisation. In this preparation, international expat health insurance is essential and should not be forgotten or taken lightly. We explain why.

Focus on the Canadian health care system

The publicly funded health care system in Canada is called Medicare. The Canadian Health Act provides for a universal health care system that guarantees every citizen or resident access to care. As a federal state, the law delegates to the provinces and territories the provision and management of health care. Thus, there is no single national scheme, but 13 provincial and territorial health insurance schemes.

The Canadian health care system is reputed to be one of the best in the world. The standard of care is quite high, the medical staff is well-trained and there is a good network of quality public and private hospitals. Nevertheless, many treatments involve long waiting times…

The advantage of taking out international health insurance, apart from the fact that it works in all countries, is that it is necessary for people who are not eligible for the public health system, such as people with visitor status who stay several months in Canada

What are the advantages of expat health insurance?

In order to protect your health, taking out expatriate insurance is essential. Why is this? Because when you decide to expatriate, you lose the health coverage in your home country. This means that in the event of an accident or hospitalization, you will have to pay the full cost, which can be very expensive. This is why expat health insurance is essential. Taking out expat health insurance is usually not compulsory, but we highly recommended it. However, for certain countries, it can be compulsory to obtain a visa.

For whom is Health Insurance for?

Health insurance for expats is for people living and working abroad. This international health insurance gives you and your family peace of mind and access to the best care worldwide.

International Health Insurance Benefits

The essential benefits of expat health insurance are the following:

  • Hospitalization
  • Routine medical care
  • Pharmacy
  • Repatriation assistance
  • Personal liability

Access to Healthcare

By taking out expat health insurance, you will have access to private healthcare. In some countries, there is a real distinction between the quality of care in public and private hospitals. In the public system, waiting times are generally very long and the quality of healthcare can be lower.

That said, access to private medical structures means expensive. To compensate for this, it is essential to take out private health insurance, avoiding very high expenses and being able to receive quality care.

Mondassur GoldExpat Insurance

GoldExpat insurance offers a complete package (medical care, hospitalization, repatriation, assistance, personal liability) which covers 100% of hospitalization and 80 to 90% of actual costs for routine medical care.

The packages offered

GoldExpat is a modular insurance range that adapts to your budget. It is available in three plans:

  • GoldExpat Access: The most budget-oriented expat health insurance taking into account essential benefits at competitive prices.
  • GoldExpat Safe: The balanced expat health insurance. It covers 100% hospitalization and 90% routine medical care.
  • GoldExpat Premium: This is the most comprehensive expat insurance. It is the ideal plan for countries where medical costs are exorbitant such as the USA, Canada.

Mondassur also offers à la carte options according to your needs, such as dental, optical, preventive, or high-level maternity coverage. These benefits are tailor-made and allow you to pay the price adapted to your budget. It also offers other healthcare plan options answering all types of needs and budgets.

The Expat Health Insurance with Mondassur

There are many reasons to choose Mondassur for your international private healthcare insurance:

  • Mondassur’s health insurance for expatriates is designed for people of all nationalities and for all destinations
  • Coverage of actual costs
  • Mondassur works with a number of partner insurers to guarantee the best coverage
  • Direct payment in the event of hospitalization
  • Fast claims reimbursement of medical expenses
  • A personal online account to track your reimbursements
  • By taking out expat health insurance, you will be covered worldwide also if you must travel for work, go on holiday or return to your home country. This means that your medical expenses will be covered worldwide.
  • International network of hospitals and medical practitioners.
  • 24/7 medical platform
  • A multilingual team that answers all your questions directly and helps you manage your insurance
  • A free analysis of your needs to find the most suitable insurance package for your budget
  • Free and immediate online quotation, a quick application process, and insurance document editing.

Are you planning to expatriate soon? Do you want to change your current expat health insurance? We invite you to request a free quote for your international health insurance.

The Mondassur international health insurance plans are tailored to your country of expatriation, your needs, and your budget and help you gain peace of mind while abroad.