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Winter Fun

This weekend marks the end of the Winterlude festival (but sadly, not the end of winter yet). I found myself hanging around in Confederation park, where it all started a couple of weeks ago, thinking I will miss the ice sculptures.

It has been a crazy month at work and I’m exhausted and stressed out. Taking pictures relaxes me though. I’m going through them and edit for a few hours now and then and this activity is strangely soothing.

Almost as soothing as eating maple toffee with the ice slowly melting on your fingers.

You can see the full set of the pictures taken during Winterlude 2010 here.

Phone Stuck In Ice
Playing Ice Tic-Tac-Toe

Maple Syrup
Two Buckets
Warming Up Hands
Outdoor BBQ
Canadian Lumberjack
Explaining How Maple Syrup is Made
Making Maple Syrup
Little Figurines
Cold Trees and Ice Mushrooms
My Ice Crystal Ball
Enjoing Maple Toffee
Making Maple Toffee

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