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Winterlude 2012 in Gatineau

Ottawa has the best ice sculpture and the Rideau Canal to skate, but Winterlude in Gatineau, Quebec, is also a great playground for some winter fun. Although it no longer has the huge snow sculptures competition, a few impressive bas-reliefs are carved at the bottom of the main attraction: the giant snow/ice slides.

These slides are massive and trust me, they are fast! A frozen butt later, you may even start to enjoy the winter. And if you don’t want to be cold, you can even slide on buoys. You know, take the easy option.

We visited on a relatively quiet day and I loved the light and the atmosphere of the site, by the frozen Ottawa River. People, dressed in layers of colourful clothes, looked like little ants besides the mountains of snow!

On a Cold Day in Gatineau
About To Slide!
Snow Mural
Grabbing a Bite
About To Slide!
The Parliament and The Frozen River
Learning To Ski
Ice Slides
Ice Slides
Snow House
Sculpture and Tipee
Snow House
Do Not Climb
And This Is How Canadians Carry Kids!

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