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Winterlude 2012 in Ottawa

To claim that Canadians love winter would probably be pushing it a bit. In fact, if you survey people at this time of the year, most Canadians will tell you how sick they are of the cold and that they wish they lived somewhere warmer.

But Canada is Canada, and yes, February is a cold month. So may as well try to make the most of it! That’s why I love Winterlude, our yearly winter carnival: it gets people excited about ice and snow.

On the opening day and despite the very chilly wind, Confederation Park and the nearby portion of the Rideau Canal were packed. Confederation Park always has a nice collection of ice sculptures: small ones around the fountain and bigger ones around the park. You can even see sculptors, wearing thick gloves, at work with chainsaws and other power tools. Unfortunately, the sculptures don’t last long: when I came back a few days later, the ones around the fountain had melted under the sun!

Don’t even ask: of course I had a maple toffee, and of course it melted on my frozen fingers as usual. I never learn.

Confederation Park, On a Cold, Cold Day
For The Queen
Ice Sculpture By The Fountain
Hockey Sculptures
Kid Eating a Beavertail
Hockey Glove, Frozen
Maple Toffee
Sculpting a Horse
Sculptor at Work
Sculptors at Work
Flying Bird
Welcome Everyone!
Sculptor at Work
Snow Rackets
Itsy Bitsy Spider...
Hockey Girls
The Rideau Canal

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