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My Latest Tee – “WTF Happened?” From RIPT Apparel

“WTF Happened?” from RIPT Apparel

As a tee addict, I keep an eye on the Day of the Shirt, looking for new original pieces to add to my collection. My patience was rewarded when I noticed “WTF Happened?” , then tee of the day on RIPT Apparel. I guess I am the target audience for the message, growing up as a teen in the 1990s, listening to Nirvana and all the grunge bands—I was part of the “MTV generation.”

But as we all know, things change from one generation to another… Ever seen the movie Trainspotting? The conversation between Diane, a 14-year-old schoolgirl, and Mark “Renton,” a twenty-something heroin addict, sums up the generation gap perfectly:

DIANE: You’re not getting any younger, Mark. The world is changing, music is changing, even drugs are changing. You can’t stay in here all day dreaming about heroin and Ziggy Pop.

RENTON: It’s Iggy Pop.

DIANE: Whatever. I mean, the guy’s dead anyway.

RENTON: Iggy Pop is not dead. He toured last year. Tommy went to see him.

I found the design on this red tee, mocking the MTV logo, just perfect: “WTF happened to music?” indeed! This is the question I ask myself whenever I hear Justin Bieber’s annoying falsetto voice on the radio.

CMorkaut, the artist who designed this limited-edition tee, puts it that way:

I was born in the early 1980s and was lucky enough to see some live Nirvana shows among other great shows. Nirvana Live and Unplugged on MTV, in my opinion, is one of the greatest live shows ever made available for such a large audience. Not too long after, it seems like things started going downhill—and fast. Reality TV took over, and although there are some great bands around these days, it’s just not the same. MTV let me down. They went from being the voice of the masses to the opiate of the masses. I really want to know, what happened…

I was new to RIPT Apparel and the website didn’t offer a lot of info on the company. Apparently, it operates from Chicago and offers one unique t-shirt design every day for 24 hours. Once the day is over, it can no longer be purchased and a new tee design goes on sale. Their goal is to help promote new artists and build a community for t-shirt enthusiasts.

I ordered the tee on May 24 in “women size medium.” The tee was $10 and shipping & handling costs a mere $3.98, plus I found a discount code on RetailMeNot. The total of my order was $12.98—sweet!—and I paid with PayPal. I immediately received an order confirmation by email.

With such a low shipping price, I was expecting the delivery to take forever but I was pleasantly surprised when, on May 28, I received an email saying my order had been shipped via First Class International.

The tee landed in my mailbox about a week later, in a regular “international” plastic envelope. I absolutely love the fabric (thick and soft) and the size was right. The tee is actually pretty long, which I like. The design was perfectly printed and the colours were as expected.

I am really happy with that new tee. For $10 plus a low shipping fee, I’d definitely buy from RIPT Apparel again—they are doing a good job!

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