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Entertainment Week — WWE and Pearl Jam

Last week was entertainment week for us: we had tickets for two shows in Ottawa, Monday Night RAW and Pearl Jam.

When I first saw wrestling on TV in Canada, I dismissed it right away: “it looks fake and I bet it’s fixed!” I was later informed that indeed, the fight followed a specific “choreography” and that the outcome was determined in advance. This is not the point of WWE anyway. It has to be watched as theater: characters challenge each other, adopt gimmicks and portray roles. Some wrestlers are booed because they are bad guys (don’t ask me why, they just are), some are cheered as heroes.

Wrestling fans are a fun bunch, and they are half of the show. I’m not going to say I understood the signs—I’m pretty sure I support “Nutella World Order” but I have no clue what it refers to. Funny enough, wrestling is apparently a kid’s event and they cheered for their favourite character until late in the night.

Then, last Wednesday, we joined 13,000 fans to see Pearl Jam, playing in Ottawa as part of their Canadian tour. I listened to grunge music a lot when I was a teen in the 1990s and while I liked Nirvana best, I also had a lot of Pearl Jam tapes (yes, tapes!).

The band played for over two hours—they just wouldn’t leave. At one point, Scotiabank turned the lights on, presumably to let them know it was time to wrap up for the night. Didn’t work. The band kept on rocking well past 11 p.m. and no one complained.

I finally gave up on taking my DSLR to Scotiabank Place because the staff is very picky about cameras and I’m called on it every time. I find it ironic that DSLR that are not recording devices are banned while it’s perfectly fine to spend the entire show holding a compact camera or a smart phone and tape the whole thing. Anyway, I took a few shots with our old Kodak Easyshare. Pictures are not as nice but this little camera still does a good job.

Young Fan
John Cena
Nutella World Order (??)
Young Fan
Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam
Full House
Bokeh Art
Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam

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