“Your Best Blogging Advice” Contest!

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Think Hard! It’s contest time!

I feel like celebrating the beginning of the summer, the fact this blog has almost reached 200 posts, that traffic is getting bigger and bigger and… basically, I’m happy and feel like giving stuffs away. Enjoy!

The contest will run from June 24th to June 27th. Winners will be announced on that day. All participants will be mentioned in that post (minus the usual spammers…) and will get a link to their blog — don’t miss your chance!

The rules are easy. I’d like to ask a single question:

What is your best blogging advice?

For answering this single question (leave a comment…!), you will get 30 points.

You can win additional points by:

I will count the points to determinate the winners. If two people are tied (ex aequo), I will choose the best blogging advice to determinate who won. So give smart advices!

Here are the great prizes you can win:

First Prize (Canada):

  • One ad spot (125×125) in my sidebar for 15 days
  • A link to my blogroll
  • Four Itunes download*
First Prize (World):

  • One ad spot (125×125) in my sidebar for 30 days
  • A link to my blogroll
  • Your blog in my “the world” page

*These Itunes must be downloaded before July 1st and you have to have a Canadian account or be in Canada.

Second Prize:

  • One short blog review on the day the winners will be announced
  • One link to my blogroll
  • A link to your blog and a screenshot in my “the world” section

Third Prize:

  • One link to my blogroll
  • A link to your blog and a screenshot in my “the world” section

Good luck and have fun!


About Author

French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. Kudu to you my friend, you are amazing 😀

    My advice? Be sincere and along the way embrace new found friendship 😀

    Have fun 😀

  2. Best advice I think is to tell someone to hang in there and that I’m praying for them, because that person’s husband fell off from the roof of his house.

    Say whatever’s on your mind and not be afraid of your opinion.

    bluefishs last great read…Reveal yourself

  3. “I’m in” (says Graham as he rolls up his sleeves, cracks his knuckles and sharpens his pencil!), “Oh yes, I am definitely in!”

    My advice is simple….

    1) To have a truly successful personal blog, write from the heart. Be honest and write about things that truly matter to you…. things that will remind you of today when you look back on them in many years to come. Don’t write posts that are purely “traffic” seeking.

    2) Don’t sell yourself too Google Adsense. There is nothing wrong in using Adsense, but don’t saturate your blog page with Adsense advertisements… Your posts should always be the focal point.

    3) Always be polite and courteous. Respect peoples opinion, even if they are not the same as yours (and trust me, I am always right…lol!). A high proportion of the pleasure of blogging is the interaction with your readers and their blogs. If you are lucky enough, you will have the opportunity of meeting some amazing people on your journey (people like the lovely Zhu!).

    4) Enjoy yourself!

    That’s it from me! Have a great week x

    Grahams last great read…Graham’s History Lesson #1 ~ The Moonrakers

  4. Salut Zhu,
    How’s life ?

    I will add to the previous sound advice :

    1) Write about what you know; your life,passions,stories.
    What makes you unique.I always say that if people want news or the daily weather, they know where to go to.

    2) Don’t worry about quantity. You don’t need a post per day. Be flexible and be willing to have “blckholes”, when creativity or daily subject matter are lacking. Sometimes taking some days off will bring more creative ideas than staring at a blank screen.

    Have a nice day 😉

    barbaras last great read…The Mosaic Picture meme

  5. Not really going for the win with this, but:

    1) Blog
    2) Don’t worry
    3) Respond

    That’s it in a nutshell, I think.

    Ulquiorras last great read…What Were They Thinking?

  6. My advice would be : Be yourself. Don’t try to impress your readers, don’t write about topics you aren’t really interested in, don’t link and read blogs that you don’t really like, do not oblige yourself to “produce” on a regular scale. Be patient, read and comment other blogs, use digg-likes and widgets to get in contact with fellow bloggers.

    damospaces last great read…Les blogueurs et le lobbying

  7. pocketcultures on

    Hello Zhu!
    My advice is this: always mean what you write, and treat everyone else like you hope they would treat you.

    pocketculturess last great read…Bargaining in a Syrian souk

  8. My advice? Be genuine. Be humorous at times. And pictures! Photos and pictures draw attention more than words. Travel stories would always appeal to most of us. Intuitive layout that is neat and clean at first sight. And most importantly, blog from the heart! Bloggers won’t last long if they don’t blog with passion! 😉

    kyhs last great read…Pearls of the Nanyang Dragons

  9. Hi Zhu,

    Giving advice to other bloggers or would be bloggers about how to manage their sites would have to be solicited, as I would not venture to offer any unless it was being requested. The intention or objective of he site owners can be fully known only to themselves, until they make a disclosure in their posts or sidebars.

    Thus, my first advice is on giving advice: Be careful and be updated.

    If I were asked how to go about blogging, this is what I’d say:

    a) Respect Your Readers – be truthful about what you write; make sure your thoughts are well organized and logically flows throughout the post. Edit your post before publishing for grammar, syntax, spelling, facts, and punctuation marks. Avoid using profanities and slang. Write with feeling and empathy,choosing words that would aptly describe these without sounding so pretentious.

    b) Be Open to those that Post a Comment – Welcome other bloggers’ opinions and ideas even if they contradict with yours. Agree to disagree without being disagreeable. There is no sense in generating opinions if all you want are praises for what you have written or photos you have posted. Most people base their opinions on what they have experienced or accepted as their beliefs or values. Respect these too, since chances are, your experiences are different from theirs. Allow them to express their perspectives.

    c) Be Caring and Kind to other Bloggers – When posting a comment on other bloggers’ sites, consider the feelings behind the post. Focus on what in your own perspective is good about it and comment on that. You may also venture to comment on what the feeling of the author is in writing the post, but qualify that this is just how it dawns on you. Be gentle with criticism or disagreements, write it as a suggestion for improvement. Be generous with praise but don’t overdo it as it may sound contrived.

    d) Reciprocate – When bloggers post a comment, acknowledge and respond, if possible, before you write the next post. Then, go to that blogger’s site and post a comment too. Try to build an open line of communication. Reciprocity is also respect for those that read your posts and make a comment. Avoid unthinking comments like “great blog”, “Way to go”, or “Let’s exchange links” pleeeeeease!!

    e) Treat Every Blogger as an Equal – There is no place for discrimination in the blogosphere. There are things each one of us can do better than anybody else, regardless of what it might be; and there are things others can do better than yourself. There are things you know that others don’t; and there are things others know that you don’t. So it does not make you better than they are, nor are they better than you. That makes us all equal.

    I think I’ve said enough Zhu. I hope this helps. 🙂 –Durano, done!

    durano lawayans last great read…Making a Memorable Mark on the Moon

  10. I blog about the contest
    stumble it my username in stumbleupon is grace029 and subscribe to your feed..

    What is my best blogging advice?
    well, every new blogger always ask question on how they their site can gain more visitors..
    I always tell them to write their own content avoid copying and pasting other’s post.. posting interesting topic can make your readers more interested in reading your blog everyday.. I also suggest them to make their site user-friendly.. easy to read and navigate that’s what other bloggers want and also categorizing each post can also help their site when it comes to navigation..
    very unusual answer right?.. well, ‘coz I think that’s the next step that they need to do in order to gain more visitors..

  11. Write from your heart, but don’t reveal every little thing. Let others read between the lines and leave the door open for discussion. Blog readers are smart people; they don’t have to be guided by the hand, just pierced in the heart. 😉

  12. Did you draw the Think Hard! art, Zhu?

    My best blogging advice is not to worry.
    Do what you enjoy and have fun blogging.
    Even if you’re VERY strange, you’ll find
    like-minded people (or other interesting
    weebles) with whom you’ll want to be friends.

    Seraphines last great read…Tornado Part 4: Manhattan Kansas

  13. I just wanted to thank you all for your great advices. I read each and every comment and took note — I hope I can improve my blogging!

    Cheers guys, and let’s announce the winners!

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