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Your Plate as a Map of the World – The Significance of Food Culture

Many travellers across the globe have been embracing a multicultural lifestyle at home, when they’re not venturing into as many new countries as possible to discover the wonders of various traditions. Among clothing, sights, customs and history, each new country has the gift of food to offer. Traditional and contemporary dishes from different lands and cultures bring together a feeling of community. And in this brave new world, you can experience any country’s cuisine accurately from the comfort of your home city.

Tasting the world

Every country has a niche for which its local food is known. These food-based stereotypes also expand to a location, such as expecting a seafood restaurant at the seaside and feeling disappointed if it’s a burger place instead. One of the largest tourist attractions for any destination is the interesting new food that can be sampled and shared with those back home. Self-confessed foodies devour countless flavours of the world, and they linger at the back of the mind long after coming home.

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Using food to get to know a culture is one of the oldest forms of integrating people into new environments. Food attracts your senses, meets your needs and provokes your desires. It is a perfect way to join with opposing forces and create a sense of changing community, as it represents the unique lifestyle of each different country and culture. Food is a part of your identity and heritage and gives you a sense of belonging. And when you enjoy a certain taste from another culture, you open yourself up to it, eliminating any misconceptions and stereotypes.


Fast food fix

The idea of ordering food to be delivered at home, although unusual, is a way to save time and energy during a busy exploring schedule. The food can be just as good and allows you more time to use elsewhere, rather than spending it on cooking. In fact, the use of takeaway has launched itself far ahead with innovative methods of providing your desired dish right to your doorstep. Food delivery is a booming industry. Statistics for the UK reflect that 31% of customers use a delivery service when ordering food. Deliveroo is one of the largest global delivery companies operating in a dozen countries to meet the needs of “stay-at-home” consumers. They also choose to focus on variety, with classic options like Italian as well as more exotic treats like sushi and Lebanese. Last year, the company raised $385 million to fund expansion ventures that will see more people enjoying convenient, time-saving meal solutions, focusing on a fast-spreading global approach. As a traveller, it means that you can get to know the people in the next room, your host, or even the people in the next bed if you prefer hostels, without needing to leave and head outside.

Whether it is from familiar countries but yet to be tried or food from a place never visited, the experience will always create a feeling of understanding for the local surroundings. Enjoying foreign food is like being invited to be part of a different culture. And the lasting memory of its flavour will always pique the traveller to jump at the next chance of a journey.