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French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. Tú también estás cansadita, ¿eh? Pues, aguanta. Que nos queda solo un día hasta el fin de semana y entonces podrás dormir (jugar, salir, ir andando o lo que sea)

    Buen fin de semana Zhuzhu

  2. Why quite “verbal” today arent we? LOL

    I like those drawings a lot and as far as your mood is concerned I got only one thing to say : “Chin up girl!” if I am “getting” the message correctly anyway:)

    Take care crown jewel of France! (and we both know how queens ended up in France…LOL) . Yeah I know DP mode is a 24/7 thing sometimes:)


  3. Sorry to hear you are so tired, guess that happens to a lot of people by Friday. Rest up over the weekend, and try to have some fun. Those drawings are great, you are a terrific artist. 🙂

  4. Hola Zhu!

    Qué tal? Ya sé que estas cansada (fisicamente), pero como está tu alma 😉 ?

    Now, a small cultural moment; let me show it is said, the above, in Portuguese:

    “Olá Zhu!

    Tudo bem? Já sei que estás cansada (fisicamente), mas como está a tua alma?” – see? Not too many differences 😀 !

    I loved the artwork, is it your creation? Lovely…

    Have a great weekend!


  5. Ghosty : thanks !

    CM-Chap : and thanks too !

    Keshi : hey girl !

    cindra : thanks for visiting ! Yeah, I made these last night… 😉

    itelli : sleeping ? What’s that ? Oh, you mean being in bed and closing your eyes before the alarm rings, right ? 😆

    Deadpoolite : I’ll watch my head, for sure ! Being a French royalty isn’t easy… 😆

    Theresa : thanks ! Yeah, I think it’s the change of weather… we’re all bracing up for winter here.

    Max : mi alma… hay mucha confusion !
    Portuguese looks similar in writing, but the accent and pronunciation is quite different though ! At least for me… 😉 Yes, the artwork is mine.

    Shionge : 这几天天气比较奇怪。早上很冷(我觉得冷!),一直下雨。 😉

  6. A simply sublime post. Such expression, enhanced further by your choice of colours to reflect the mood. I hold both of them in complete admiration I could look at the second one for hours – it does something to me.

    I wish you a great weekend

    Big smiles ~ Graham x

  7. Graham: thanks ! I plan to do that every week… that’s gonna be my new “mood” catgeory !

    If you ever want one of my drawing, let me know, I scan them all 😉 Although they don’t sell well on the black market !

    Max: Thank you girl ! That’s going to my trophy room… oh, I’m turning so vain !

    Princesse: good to see you back and healthy ! I quite enjoy your last post… little teen who want to drink ! 😆

    Mar: gracias ! I fixed the tabs… should be good now !

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