Adrenaline Rush In Monteverde

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On January 1st, Feng and I decided to sign up for a quick adrenaline rush: zip lines.

We were in Monteverde, in the Costa Rican mountains, where this is a popular activity. Basically, we were attached to a steel cable with a harness, attached itself to a removable trolley. Plus the cute helmet, of course. We were taken deep into the rainforest and left on the first platform, on top of a tree. There, we were taught to use thick leather glove (to brake) and… that was it! The zip lines were scattered along 16 platform, some really high (over 100 meters) and very long (over 600 meters).

Zipping from platforms to platforms in the canopy forest was… scary! I don’t like heights too much (I’m a sea person) and it was very windy and misty, making each ride a speedy one. The last two ones were over a big valley and we had to jump from the platform into the cloud. About half way, we got soaked because of the mist and the strong winds. We were told not to break at all, otherwise, we might get stuck in the middle of the cable (not a great prospect). Yet, the speed was scary and I found myself hoping I was going to make it. Being alone, suspended high in the air with seemingly little holding up, is definitely quite an experience.

From The Cloudy mountains

From The Cloudy mountains

On A Swinging Bridge

On A Swinging Bridge

Little Sloth in the tree

Little Sloth in the tree

Little Sloth Eating

Little Sloth Eating

Feng Going Way Too Fast

Feng Going Way Too Fast

And Me, Quick Scared...

And Me, Quite Scared...



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  1. Ohh you are a brave girl!! And of course when you survived it you will always remember your racing heart and the thrilling experience. I believe you should do scary things once in a while to feel alive! And the scenery! Wow!!! Worth it.

  2. Wow, can’t believe you’re in the sunny south over there. Wish we were back in that kind of heat! Actually no, we’re happy to be with family here in Canada. Got your little ‘gift’, thanks!! 🙂 And that zip line is totally my type of thing, I love the way you described it too. Enjoy the rest of your trip! brenda @

  3. @Bluefish – It was definitely an experience!

    @silverneurotic – Well, I just didn´t know how scary it was gonna be to be honest! 😆

    @DianeCA – It is something to experience but it was much scarier than I though actually. I don´t like heights much and when I was stuck on the plateforms, it was scary. The ride are actually fast and the landscape is great, so you don´t think too much.

    @RG – My heart was still pounding when I wrote that caption I guess!

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – They actually call it the Tarzan Swing here ,-)

    @Baoru – And scareness too!

    @Brenda – Welcome back to Canada! Hope you guys get used to the cold. You have so many “new” things to experience back home, I´m sure it´s fun!

    @Final_Transit – Enjoying the snow… mmm… I´ll pass this year! 😆 I love Toronto in the winter though, it has so many malls and warm indoor places.

    @Mother Theresa – Oh trust me, I screamed more than a singer at a heavy metal concert. Hence why I don´t post videos 😆

    @Froggywoogie – I must have been high, indeed 😆

  4. “Treetop trekking” (and various other names for it) are popping up here and there in Canada, but certainly don’t have the scenery of Costa Rica. I have no problem with even low-level flying and I love helicopters, but I’m shaky on ladders and therefore this rules out a career as a housepainter… but I think I would try zip-lining just to face this fear. I went bungy-jumping in Australia for the same reason (for $15 and on a dare).

    If you get a chance, try river surfing, I think you’d like it! It’s damned hard work but more thrilling than whitewater rafting.

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