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The Spring Funfair is in Full Swing in Nantes

Two several-week-long funfairs keep Nantes entertained for several weeks in the spring and in the fall.

We used to spend our free Wednesdays—a day off for kids until high school in France!—wandering around fun attractions and sweet treats, first under parental supervision then eventually alone with friends. We would play the “dare game” and try the fastest, highest and scariest attractions (hint, always eat cotton candy afterwards).

When I came to Ottawa, I was very surprised to see that the concept of the annual SuperEX was very different. First, ground admission isn’t free like in France—it’s actually rather pricey ($12 for adult admission and $40 for all-you-can-ride!). You don’t get much for the admission price, and I found the SuperEX to be a money grab.

Rides aren’t cheap either in France (between €2-5 this year), but at least admission is free and you can have a good time people-watching!

The Fun Fair
Entering The Fair
At The Fair
Up In the Air
The “Shaker”
Stuffed Animals
Ferris Wheel
Roller Coaster
Fast Attraction
Fast Attraction
Cotton Candy
Ice Cream
Win A Stuffed Animal
Win A Stuffed Animal

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