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Fall Colours Around The Pink Lake

Mark took his first inter­provin­cial trip when Feng and I decided to check out the fall colours in Gatineau Park, in Que­bec. We drove around for half an hour—I’m always impressed by how huge the “park” is!—and made it to Pink Lake, a pop­u­lar scenic look­out around the epony­mous lake (which is not pink).

The fall rhap­sody is gor­geous this year. The leaves actu­ally stayed on the trees longer than usual and turned into lovely yellow-rust tones.

As for Mark, he slept through, snug­gled against me and obliv­i­ous to the beauty around him. Ungrate­ful brat or blasé traveler…?

You can see all the Fall pic­tures on the Ottawa (Fall) set on Flickr.

Dri­ving in Gatineau Park

Dri­ving in Gatineau Park

The Pink Lake

Dri­ving in Gatineau Park

With Mark at the Pink Lake

Fall in Gatineau Park

Fall in Gatineau Park

Pink Lake

Fall Colours

Fall Colours

Fall Colours

With Mark at Pink Lake

First Pic of Us Three!


  1. Beau­ti­ful! I love fall. I’d say Mark is blasé, he doesn’t want to appear TOO excited when he knows he has some incred­i­ble adven­tures ahead of him.

  2. What a beau­ti­ful set­ting for your first pic of the three of you!

  3. That’s such a great first photo of the 3 of you together! :D

  4. The colours there are sim­ply mag­nif­i­cent dur­ing autumn!!

    I have just dis­cov­ered your blog and love it. :) I am the oppo­site: I am a Cana­dian set­tling into France (and vying for French cit­i­zen­ship). Your emi­gra­tion sto­ries are emphat­i­cally felt. :)



  5. Gor­geous col­ors — what a per­fect fall day!

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