Fall Colours Around The Pink Lake


Mark took his first interprovincial trip when Feng and I decided to check out the fall colours in Gatineau Park, in Quebec. We drove around for half an hour—I’m always impressed by how huge the “park” is!—and made it to Pink Lake, a popular scenic lookout around the eponymous lake (which is not pink).

The fall rhapsody is gorgeous this year. The leaves actually stayed on the trees longer than usual and turned into lovely yellow-rust tones.

As for Mark, he slept through, snuggled against me and oblivious to the beauty around him. Ungrateful brat or blasé traveler…?

You can see all the Fall pictures on the Ottawa (Fall) set on Flickr.

Driving in Gatineau Park

Driving in Gatineau Park

The Pink Lake

Driving in Gatineau Park

With Mark at the Pink Lake

Fall in Gatineau Park

Fall in Gatineau Park

Pink Lake

Fall Colours

Fall Colours

Fall Colours

With Mark at Pink Lake

First Pic of Us Three!


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  1. Beautiful! I love fall. I’d say Mark is blase, he doesn’t want to appear TOO excited when he knows he has some incredible adventures ahead of him.

  2. The colours there are simply magnificent during autumn!!

    I have just discovered your blog and love it. 🙂 I am the opposite: I am a Canadian settling into France (and vying for French citizenship). Your emigration stories are emphatically felt. 🙂



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