Nightime in London


It’s no secret that I love cities at dusk—I always find the moment mag­i­cal. Then, night time often offers the chance to see the other side of a place, and night lights can be mag­i­cal, no mat­ter the season.

After a full day of explor­ing Lon­don, we were usu­ally pretty tired, and the long ride back to the hotel on the slow Cir­cle Line wasn’t much of an incen­tive to hang out very late—which you have to do in the sum­mer, since sun­set is typ­i­cally around 8:30 p.m.

Yet, we took the time to check out a few main places after dark, includ­ing the Jubilee Gar­dens with the pic­turesque Lon­don Eye and views on the River Thames, Carn­aby Street, Pic­cadilly Cir­cus and the Palace of West­min­ster. I didn’t have a tri­pod (I rarely travel with one, too bulky and cum­ber­some) but I found a way to keep the cam­era steady to use a slow shut­ter speed. And the pic­tures turned out okay!

You can see all the pic­tures taken in Lon­don on Flickr.

The Lon­don Eye and Jubilee Gardens

The Lon­don Eye

The Lon­don Eye

The Lon­don Eye

Palace of West­min­ster from Jubilee Gardens

County Hall

West­min­ster Bridge

Big Ben

Buses on West­min­ster Bridge


Carn­aby Street

Pic­cadilly Circus


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  1. I think any city with traf­fic and street lights already makes a great place to shoot at night. How­ever, to Lon­don you can add sky­scrap­ers, the Lon­don Eye, small alleys (you know I love them…). Some­times it seems to me that lights have been put up strate­gi­cally in this city, to enhance the expe­ri­ence of its vis­i­tors, really!!

  2. Night shots, that’s another aspect of pho­tog­ra­phy that I want to be bet­ter at. I have this idea how­ever, that I need to first buy a tri­pod in order to get a steady shot, as these shots typ­i­cally involve longer expo­sures. That should be my next project.

    • You can really live with­out a tri­pod, I take most of my night shots with­out one actu­ally. But you do need to be able to con­trol the expo­sure on your camera.

      Try shoot­ing right after sun­set, when the sky is turn­ing into a deep blue. The results are often amazing!

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