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Baby Mark

Mark from 2012 to 2014.

Mark, 12 Weeks and One Day

Three Months… in Numbers!

On January 12, 2013, Mark is turning three months. The past few weeks have been a steep learning curve for us, new parents, but we’ve taken things in stride and Mark rewards us with big smiles and...

Mark, 11 Weeks and 4 Days

Lost: Identity

I’m no longer pregnant (yay!) and I’m embracing motherhood. Even though it still feels new, unreal and scary, I’m happy to be Mark’s mother. But I don’t want to trade the multifaceted identities it...

Mark, the Sling and I Against The World

People are strange. Why don’t they mind their own business? When did it become socially acceptable to tell strangers what to do? What are they trying to prove? It’s hard enough being a new mother;...

Sleeping Like a Baby… Not

Let me tell you, I will never use that expression again. Because you know what? Babies don’t actually sleep. Ever. They came to earth to suck your energy until there is none left and you resort to...

Me, a Mommy? Seriously?

Feng, who is carrying Mark in his arms, turns around so that the baby can see me (or not—I never know what babies can actually see!). He stops crying, Feng breathes a sigh of relief (the little guy...

Hurricane Mark

Each time I step out of the house—which is pretty much never these days, I’m getting cabin fever!—I’m surprise to see that somehow, the world is still spinning. Buses packed with commuters come and...

The World: Meet Mark, Born 12/10/12!

Mark was born in Ottawa on October 12, 2012 at 11:04 a.m. Labour was unexpected, fast and easy (no, really!). I’ll promise, I’ll share my non-scary non-gory labour and birth story later on.