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My own work experience in customer service jobs, as a French-as-a-second-language teacher and currently as a freelance copywriter, editor and translator, plus tips on work etiquette and workplaces in Canada.

Working in Canada
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Missing: Money

When I started freelancing, I swore I would keep a close eye on my billing system and outstanding invoices. So far, it worked pretty well. I invoice my clients monthly and I have always been paid promptly and in full, although the federal government can take weeks to process invoices—but this is just the way the system is set up.

Working in Canada
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Being a Mom and a Freelancer: The 5 Commandments

Freelancing has its pros and cons. But let me get this straight: you cannot get work done and take care of a kid at the same time. I know—I have tried. It’s a recipe for disaster: the work doesn’t get done and you feel like a shitty parent. So, being a mom and a freelancer… how do we make it work? Here are my five commandments.

Working in Canada
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Inside an Inbound Call Centre: “Welcome to Petro-Points, How Can I Help You?” (Part II)

The “mute” button was our most handy tool. Especially when we needed to take a break to laugh at a particularly weird customer, or share the details of a funny call with a co-worker. Some couples in the middle of a divorce were calling us to argue about points splitting on a joint account. Some folks yelled at us because their Petro-Canada credit card application had been denied. Some callers had an accent so thick we couldn’t understand a word of what they were saying.

Working in Canada
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The World Needs More Proofreaders

I catch funny typos all the time for my clients. For instance, “pubic relations” instead of “public relations” (ooops!) or “people who are death or hard of hearing” instead of people who are deaf or hard of hearing” (oops again!), “delicious Chinese dumpings” instead of “Chinese dumplings”, etc. Let me just say my clients are usually very happy when I spot them.

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