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Working in Canada

My own work experience in customer service jobs, as a French-as-a-second-language teacher and currently as a freelance copywriter, editor and translator, plus tips on work etiquette and workplaces in Canada.

Five Myths about Freelancing (Busted!)

Every single time I drop the word “freelancer” in a conversation, I see people’s eyes lighting up. In a city like Ottawa where the main employer is the federal government and many residents are 9-to...

Missing: Money

When I started freelancing, I swore I would keep a close eye on my billing system and outstanding invoices. So far, it worked pretty well. I invoice my clients monthly and I have always been paid...

Maple World Translation

Two years ago, I barged into a local accountant’s office, slightly panicked. “I need to incorporate”, I said. “Whatever that means”, I added sheepishly.

The World Needs More Proofreaders

I catch funny typos all the time for my clients. For instance, “pubic relations” instead of “public relations” (ooops!) or “people who are death or hard of hearing” instead of people who are deaf or...