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Bonjour the France!

Our 2015 summer trip to France.

Bastille Day Fireworks

“Just so you know: the fireworks may be cancelled at the last minute, it will rain at one point, and there is no way we will be done eating diner before. Scratch that—we probably won’t even have...

The Invaders

“I… I spent most of my holidays here as a kid,” I say because the two seventy-something obviously expect me to explain my presence here, in their supermarket.

This Fascinating Underwater World

As a kid, I found sharks fascinating—especially considering I was spending my summer months at the beach and that there were always reruns on Jaws (Les dents de la mer—“Sea’s Teeth” in French) on TV.

Urban Decay in Nantes

When I'm sick and tired of this polished side, I escape where no one goes anymore, along the Loire River, where the factories and industries supported the city's growth for a long long time.

People of Nantes – Summer 2015

We are in Nantes' city centre and it's summer, so people shop, eat, drink, visit places and hang out outside. The city is alive, almost too alive at nights when drunks take over the city and "sing"...

Three-Masted Belem

The ship hasn’t changed but Mark did—last time, he was barely crawling, this time, he explored it by himself and marveled at the Loire River flowing fast below.


Like last year, Mark wants to visit every single church we pass. And there are at least six or seven churches within walking distance of my parents’ place, in the city centre.

Sunday Market

On Sundays, all the stores are closed but a couple of bakeries and a bunch of bars (French can't live without a supply of booze). Even though these quiet Sundays are kind of a recurring event and a...

French Kick off Summer Holidays

The holidays serve as an all-purpose excuse. Spending too much money? Bof, c’est la vacances! Drinking too much? Les vacances! Eating out? Mais oui, c’est la vacances! Whatever happens, on verra en...