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Exploring Canada

Short and long trips in Canada, from big cities to small towns.

Modern Montréal

Like I was saying last time, Montréal is not just the cute European-style city a lot of people imagine. There is the old Montréal... and the modern downtown, which is just like any other American...

Old Montréal

Right after arriving in Canada for the first time in 2002, Feng and I took a road trip. We had landed in Toronto, went through Ottawa, and then Montréal, Québéc city and the surroundings. It was...

The Killers In Montréal

On Saturday, on an impulse, Feng and I decided to drive to Montréal to attend The Killers' concert. Initially sold out, the show had been moved to a bigger venue at the last minute: the Bell Center...

Pumpkin Day

It's pumpkin day in North America!

I personally think we should make it "chocolate day"... Seriously, a pumpkin pie vs. a chocolate tart: I made my choice!

Fall Colors

Winter has definitely arrived and soon enough, the trees will be bare. White will be the season's color... meanwhile, here are the last fall colors.

The Pink Lake

The surface of the waters are a deep green due to the abundance of algae in the water... or a deep blue, depending on the light. The two kilometers walk around the lake offers a great view on the...

Always Take The Weather With You

Radiohead was playing in Montreal and we drove the 400 km there and back to attend the show. By the time we got through the security, we were soaked. The park where the concert was held was extremely...

A Sunday In Toronto

After Niagara Falls, we drove to Toronto to attend the R.E.M concert in the evening. We arrived early on a Sunday and it was hot and quiet.

Niagara Falls

To celebrate the first big heat wave in Canada this year (yes, get over it -- I'm Canadian. Half of the year, I complain about the cold, and I complain about the heat the rest of time. We call it the...

The 416 Escape

I had landed in Toronto quite a few time since it's Ontario's big hub. The city was my first stop in Canada when we came from Brazil in 2002 and I went numerous time since then. However, I never...