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Mark’s first Christmas in France, plus tons of food. Yum.

French Christmas 2013
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The 20-Hour-Long Journey Home

The flight to Toronto was packed and it was a long one too: 8 hours and 55 minutes. That’s when it went downhill. Feng and I were exhausted but Mark wasn’t and trying to keep him relatively still and quiet on my laps was hell. It felt like dealing with a feral cat in a small enclosed space—yes, I got scratched too.

French Christmas 2013
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Pluie and Rain

I was so busy marveling at the absence of snow in France that I forgot it was December, and that the weather is rather moody at this time of the year. In Nantes and in most of Brittany, it means rain. A lot of it.

French Christmas 2013
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(Re) Bonjour France!

It feels good to be in France. It feels good to be traveling. I have never been one of these expats who misses ”home” much—I adopted Canada and it adopted me. I don’t crave French food, long for French media or buy French products. Besides, it has only been four months since our last visit. But this last-minute trip is a breath of fresh air.

French Christmas 2013
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Packing Craziness

Earlier this week, a good friend asked me how I felt about the upcoming trip. Beaming with the confidence of a seasoned traveler who has spent the past twelve years flying back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean, I assured her that “everything was under control”. Nikki, if you read me, I’m taking this back.

French Christmas 2013
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A Very Last–Minute French Christmas

I have always refused to fly “home” for Christmas. Because I ain’t going to Europe during the crazy holiday season, in the middle of the winter, just to eat a freaking bûche de Noël. As everybody knows, when you have a kid, you lose neurons, time and common sense. That is my excuse for booking a last-minute trip to France.