Fall in New York State (1/2)

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A couple of weeks ago, to celebrate the Canadian Thanksgiving, we took a drive to the U.S.A. The weather was gorgeous and we made it to Prescott/Ogdensburg in less than an hour, eating Tim Hortons Donuts and listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the car.

We crossed the border easily (thank you, Canadian passport!) and drove North, following the State Highway 37. The shores of the St Lawrence River, nearby Waddington, were quiet but for a few critters, including a curious cat who followed me everywhere. Fall colours were at their peak and the late morning light made the grass and the trees look vibrant.

Waddington felt like a traditional rural American town. Beautiful old houses, little American flags floating in the wind and lots of outdoors activities, including boating and fishing.

You can see the whole U.S.A set here.

Crossing the International Bridge to the U.S.A

Mall Parking Lot

Fall Colours

Thanksgiving Harvest

St Lawrence University Boathouse

By the St Lawrence

Curious Cat

Stars and Stripes

Fall Propaganda

Sailors' Knots

Fallen Politics

By the St Lawrence

Still Green

Blinded by the Sun

Old Glory

Fall Colours

Sun in the Trees


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  1. Another gorgeous set of fall photos! One thing I don’t need to see more of though are political yard signs! I’ll be so happy when this election is over. I may not be happy with the outcome, but at least I won’t have to watch anymore lying TV ads.

  2. I love the fall colors I am so jealous! I know our colors are nice in Norway but we don’t get those fabulous oranges and reds as much. Even though we have maple trees they don’t get as red, must be something about the climate. You are making me HOME SICK!!!

  3. @Priyank – I like sun flare pics but they are hard to take 😉

    @Vagabonde – The place was wonderfully peaceful, you would have liked it.

    @Soleil – We just had our municipal election last week and I’m glad the signs are gone too. Ugh. If only they spent as much time on building a platform as they spend on trying to get people to vote for them…

    @Sidney – Indeed, the light is great and it’s still colorful.

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – Same for me, it doesn’t look great in France. Fall is usually damp and grey.

    @Cynthia – Thank you!

    @Nigel Babu – Thank you! Glad you like it 🙂

    @expatraveler – The whole area is so scenic… it’s hard to take bad pics!

    @shionge – Thank you!

    @DianeCA – It really depends on the area here. I was surprised to see the colours weren’t as nice in Gatineau Park this year but NY State was in full colours.

    @London Caller – 😆 you are right, it was an Halloween cat!

    @khengsiong – Not really… we usually go with the flow, plus we drive through a lot of towns so we tend to drive at a very reasonable speed.

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