Fingerz in Ze Noseuh

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“What the hell is that?”

We were riding the tramway to take Mark to the Jardin des plantes. I was busy drinking my can of Coke Zero behind the stroller, hoping Mark wouldn’t notice my caffeine fix—else he would whine non-stop to have a taste (not that we ever let him… he does NOT need coffee!).

“What is what?”


Feng was pointing at a poster in the tramway.

“Oh, it just says that if you’re under 18, you can buy a yearly pass for…”

“No, no, I mean, what’s with the picture?”

The poster depicted a young Asian-looking girl with two fingers in her nose, one in each nostril.

I looked at Feng, puzzled.

“Why is she picking her nose?”

Suddenly, I understood Feng’s surprise.

“Fingers in the nose!” I laughed. “Les doigts dans le nez—it’s a French idiom, it’s used to describe something that’s super easy. I guess they want to show that buying the pass is the easiest and cheapest way to ride the tramway.”


“Well… yeah. Eh, don’t look at me like this, I didn’t invent it!”

Language is culture, isn’t it!

You can see the com­plete set of pic­tures taken in France on Flickr.

Fingers in the Nose (Tan Ad Campaign, July 2014)

Fingers in the Nose (Tan Ad Campaign, July 2014)


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