Niagara Falls In The Winter

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After a few days in Toronto, we had decided to drive to Niagara Falls on January 1st. I was curious to see the falls in the winter.

Because the weather had been relatively mild in Toronto, we had forgotten how cold it really was in the rest of Canada. An hour away from Toronto, it started to snow. In Niagara Falls, it was cold and windy and there were huge chunks if ice here and there in the water.

The scenery was very different from the last time we were there, in the Spring.The town itself was very quiet and looked deserted but a handful of tourists were hanging out by the Canadian Falls. You could spot the ones from Southern U.S. right away: they were the only one playing with the snow like if it was some kind of fun radioactive material. I actually heard a mother yelling to her kids: “go wash your hand, you just touched snow!!”.

We stayed long enough for me to take pictures and headed to the nearest Starbucks to warm up.

You can see the full set of pictures here.

The American Falls

I'm Cold!!!

The Canadian Falls

Do Not...Jump?

Little House By The Falls

Colorful Hats Tourists

Danger: Winter

Impressive Flow Rate

Fresh From Under The Falls?

Looking At The Falls

The Edge

The Tree

Frozen Land

Close To The Water

The Mist


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  1. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with Niagara Falls :O I think maybe because it was my first tourist attraction I’d visited outside of the smaller places I’d been, and I was shocked by the number of people and how ‘commercialised’ it seemed. My naïve NZ mind… haha! It was only after my next tourist visit to Rome that I realised I was always going to have to deal with lots of other people when visiting tourist attractions. I went to Niagara Falls in the summer and saw it from the Canadian side and it was impressive. I’ve seen the photos of Niagara Falls with lots of snow and ice and I’d love to see them again in this setting!! Lovely photos.
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..J’envisage de faire une pause =-.

  2. Awesome!
    I wonder whether the falls ever get frozen in subzero temperatures?!

    Re: Walking on Broken Glass / 走在碎玻璃上 / Berjalan di atas Kaca yang Pecah / 壊れたガラスの上を歩いている

    That’s quite common in here, but I have never seen anything that HUGE before though… Ha ha!

    Re: Land of Hope & Glory / 希望与光荣之地 / Bumi Keharapan & Kemulian / 希望と栄光の国

    As in the colour or the shape of the ceiling units that look like pills? Ha ha, or both?!

    Re: Gallery in the Street / 街上的画廊 / Galeri di tepi Jalan / 街の画廊

    That’s so true! And life is just like one!
    .-= London Caller´s last blog ..Gallery in the Street / 街上的画廊 / Galeri di tepi Jalan / 街の画廊 =-.

  3. you might be cold, but you are still beautiful. belle.
    i love the comment about washing your hands after touching snow.
    maybe i should brush my teeth after drinking water too.
    .-= Seraphine´s last blog ..Cupcake =-.

  4. @Joseph Condron – Thank you! Yes, I had never really snow was that dangerous 🙂

    @Sidney – Oh yes, you could, just need a bit of time to get used to it.

    @Nigel Babu – It was something like -15C, plus the wind especially by the falls. Yep, cold.

    @Cynthia – I don’t think they are ever all frozen, except maybe once (I remember seeing a very very old picture).

    @Kim – I kind of understand what you mean. In my case, the first great waterfalls I have seen were Iguazy Falls (Brazil/ Argentina) and everybody told me I was going to be disappointed by Niagara Falls, so I had low expectations. Plus, NZ has some amazing sceneries so maybe to you it’s just not that great!

    @Bluefish – I know! My hair already freezes when I go out for a smoke after taking a shower, when it’s still wet 😆

    @Lizz – Go ahead! Just check out the Flickr set (link above the picture). Go to the picture you like, and then “size”. You can download a copy from there, you have my blessing.

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – I didn’t even know the mist tour was available during the winter, looks crazy to me!

    @London Caller – As far as I know, not really. I mean, it can be more snowy and a bit more frozen than that, but it doesn’t totally freeze. The flow rate is too high.

    @micki – Same for me, I saw them during the spring and summer a few times, and I was very curious of how they looked in the winter.

    @kyh – For the frozen thing, see above 🙂 Not to be patriotic, but the Canadian side is much better in my opinion. You can get really close and the drop is higher.

    @Nomadic Pinoy – I know, I was surprise they were quite a few people!

    @Soleil – Do that, it’s way too cold to go outside anyway 😆 It was just a crazy decision 😉

    @Seraphine – You definitely should. I mean, water is like… melted snow, right? You can never be too safe.

    @Alexander – Thank you for visiting and… thank you 🙂

    @Charles Dastodd – You should, just to get a different perspective! Thank you for visiting 🙂

    @Bill Miller – Yes, it is well worth a visit. Although I must say the US side is a bit shady these days.

  5. Oh my ! The pictures are very cool. I didn’t know tourist throng this place even in this winter.

    You look quite different in the picture. 🙂

  6. I LOVE this post! The pictures are fantastic and you just brought back the best memories of upstate NY for me…our trips to Niagara Falls!

    PS – Love the comment about “go wash your hands, you just touched snow!” lol In Miami it’s, “go wash your hands, you just touched sand!” Go figure.
    .-= Ily´s last blog ..facebook =-.

  7. Wonderful!!!!! You lead me down memory lane again Zhu and grrrrrr…it was freezing when I was there in November and yes!!! I rememebered the snow and my broken pinky hahahahha.. 😀

    Great shots…all of them!!!!! 😀

  8. @Nisha – Must be the cold, I was freezing 😉

    @RennyBA’s Terella – Don’t excuse yourself, come over when you have time — that’s good enough for me! I’m sure you’d love it. Maybe some days I’ll be your tour guide…?

    @Ily – Thank you! The scenery is pretty cool, indeed.

    @shionge – Yes, poor you… That was quite an adventure 🙁

  9. Nice to see it. I never managed to get there in the winter time while I was living in Canada …
    Great shoots …I’l keep in touch
    Take care
    A canadian back in Paris, France
    with a franco canadian blog …

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