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Niagara Falls In The Winter

After a few days in Toronto, we had decided to drive to Niagara Falls on January 1st. I was curious to see the falls in the winter.

Because the weather had been relatively mild in Toronto, we had forgotten how cold it really was in the rest of Canada. An hour away from Toronto, it started to snow. In Niagara Falls, it was cold and windy and there were huge chunks if ice here and there in the water.

The scenery was very different from the last time we were there, in the Spring.The town itself was very quiet and looked deserted but a handful of tourists were hanging out by the Canadian Falls. You could spot the ones from Southern U.S. right away: they were the only one playing with the snow like if it was some kind of fun radioactive material. I actually heard a mother yelling to her kids: “go wash your hand, you just touched snow!!”.

We stayed long enough for me to take pictures and headed to the nearest Starbucks to warm up.

You can see the full set of pictures here.

The American Falls
I'm Cold!!!
The Canadian Falls
Do Not...Jump?
Little House By The Falls
Colorful Hats Tourists
Danger: Winter
Impressive Flow Rate
Fresh From Under The Falls?
Looking At The Falls
The Edge
The Tree
Frozen Land
Close To The Water
The Mist

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