Summer is Over

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Tiny. Such as cute name for a township.

After visiting Barrie and Balm Beach, we kept on driving along the coast of the Georgian Bay. Cottages were neatly lined-up in rows on both sides of Tiny Beaches Road, most of them either for rent or for sale. Maintaining such large properties isn’t a priority when the economy is bad I guess.

I grew up by the Atlantic Ocean and I’m a sea person. I rarely swim in lakes—I’m not sure why, but I don’t trust still waters. A lot of lakes are murky to muddy and it makes me feel uneasy. Maybe I watched too many monster movies.

But standing on the lakeshore, wind blowing in my hair and producing whitecaps on the lake, the horizon just a flat line in the distance, I felt like I was at the seaside. Only the heady iodine smell of seaweeds was missing.

We eventually stopped on Mountain View Beach, under a very stormy sky. It was still hot and humid and a few kids were playing in the water but the beach was mostly empty. It felt as if a monster had suddenly come out of the water to scare everyone away: beach toys were scattered here and there and plastic chairs arranged around sand castles were about to be blown away by the wind.

It was just strange to walk on the beach where all the summer fun had been abandoned, symbolized by still lifes left behind.

Summer is over I guess.

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  1. “A lot of lakes are murky to muddy and it makes me feel uneasy. Maybe I watched too many mon­ster movies.” That’s kinda funny! 😛 I wouldn’t swim in murky lakes or rivers too. Too creepy! *mind thinking of water ghosts or piranhas lurking beneath trying to drag me into the water*

    But of course, there are really beautiful lakes, esp those in the mountains.

    The environment of the lake looks kinda spooky there with its black sands and stormy waters. Yikes.

  2. I thought there it was a hamburger on the beach XD in the second photo. Summer is leaving me here too. Recently, the sky always appears to be grey, and in this morning I start to feel the wind is cooler. The changing of the season makes me feeling sad as well. > u <

    • But it probably doesn’t get as cold as it gets here, lucky you! We are enjoying warm temperatures again meanwhile, thanks to the Indian Summer.

  3. The sky was quite “picturesque”.

    I love the ocean, i love lakes but I don’t like the Mediterranean sea that much … I guess that just a question of habits !

  4. I always find beach photos very beautiful. Summer is gone? I thought with end of September approaching, it would have totally gone by now !

    But you are still in summer dress. 🙂

    Murky water is a no-no for me as well.

  5. Hi Zhu Zhu,

    First, I recently learned how to pronounce Zhu (finally): I found it to be close to “ju” ;).

    I loved the pictures and yes, it seems like the summer is over in your part of the world.
    Portugal is still enjoying a hot summer (over 30ºC), I am telling you this country is becoming paradise LOL.

    I hope you are having a great week, girl!


    • Yep, you got it! That’s why I was giving that Chinese name, because it’s close to my real name 😉 Chinese pronounciation is natural to me so I don’t think of it much 😆

      The weather is changing but it’s still nice. Supposed to be 29C tomorrow! It’s hot and cold and hot and cold… you really can’t predict.

  6. Ah, summer is over indeed. Here in Buffalo, I’ve already started wearing my sweaters and fleeces. Sometimes the days are still warm (like today), but there are signs that the cold weather will be here soon.

    • It’s changing here too, although we had a few hot days. I have jeans and shorts on my chair in the bedroom, I never know what to wear in this kind of weather!

  7. Summer is over? Get out of here! This weekend is perfect barbecue weather. Its a mystery to me why people are in denial about climate change.

    (btw, Feng looks cute in the picture.)

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